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German Baptist Brethren Offerings
Archiving — A Fallacy PDF Print E-mail

   'Tis a Sad Day in Mudville.  And in case you do not understand the reference I would recommend reading Casey at the Bat by Ernest Thayer in 1888.  While not personally highly interested in baseball this poem is so intertwined with American culture as to be representative of the journey that many may at some in their life's struggle be forced to make.  It also is a representative concept of the tenets of Don Quixote wherein a person struggles against those who continually place road blocks, perceived or not, in the path of one attempting to make the world better for the downtrodden.  In other words, one should continue to tilt their lance at windmills even if cultural norms indicate it is a futile cause.

   Recently I commented that next on the archival list of things to do was the continuation of the archival digitizing of History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania (Chicago, Ill.: Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1884).  The individual responding noted that this work, one of the first authoritative publications about the region, was available on both Ancestry.Com and Archive.Org.  They were almost correct and only erred in that the book can be found only at Ancestry.Com.  The publication to be found at Archive.Org is a later publication sans Fulton county, Pennsylvania.  That being said the first referenced work can be found online at two locations, Ancestry.Com and HeritagQuestOnline.Com.  These are both "paid" web sites.  Archive.Org is a free web site.

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This site costs money!!! Though attempts have been made to gain at least a half-dozen or so subscribers to the site's paid resources (The Gospel Messenger), this has failed.  If this continues then this site will be shut down for lack of support.  If you can spare a small donation via PayPal please consider doing so.  You, and others, will reap the benefits!  There have been over 2,000 views of the pages on this site so it is known that it has value for you, the visitor.  Please support the site.

The Purpose

This site was created for the purpose of housing, in one central location, German Baptist Brethren newspaper postings made by A. Wayne Webb over the past several years to several online lists.  Primary amongst these communities is the Brethren Mailing List hosted by Rootsweb.Com.

Called, in the main "Offerings," these postings contain historical information of use to the dedicated Brethren historian and may, or may not, be of use to the casual genealogical researcher.

Your Host

The site developer and the individual responsible for transcribing the newspaper articles, A. Wayne Webb, is a long time Brethren researcher and historian.  Having taken a proactive attitude into preserving his German Baptist heritage he also believes in sharing things of interest discovered thru this process.

Site Usage

Welcome to my "little toy" of a web site and my first foray into Content Management System (CMS) software to be released to the general public.  For the short term this site will be devoted solely to newspaper articles of interest to German Baptist Brethren researchers.  Eventually it may become a module of a much larger web site.  One item perhaps slated to make the transition will be my Brethren Almanac site.

For the first time visitor to this site I have bad news and I have good news.  The good news first. You will be able to read each and every article posted on this site.  And now the bad news.  You will not be able to access the "Source" file link at the bottom of each blog posting.  These will be reserved for supporters of this site and / or other sites provided by your host.  Any comments can be addressed by clicking on "Contact Administrator" to the left.

Newspaper Offerings

This site encompasses newspaper articles of the late 19th Century from various German Baptist Brethren newspapers and publications.  The primary publications of this era were The Gospel Messenger, The Brethren Evangelist, The Gospel Visitor, and The Primitive Christian.

It also includes a posting or two from the Advocate and Herald which was a small publication printed in Salem, Bedford County, Pennsylvania for the German Seventh Day Baptist community.