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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #2

Notes from our Correspondents.

—Sister Ella Cole wishes to state that it was Korton, Kans., instead of Norton, of which she desired the information referred to in a former article.

—Sister Addie Wertz, of Oakland, Darke Co., Ohio, says: "Bro. Holder came to us Feb. 18, and preached until March 2.  Good impressions were made and seventeen precious souls were made willing to join in with the people of God.  There were sixteen baptized and one reclaimed.  Bro. Holder held forth the simple truths of the Bible with power. Sinners were made to tremble, and saints rejoiced to see sinners come flocking home."

—Bro. Benj. Bowman, of the Milmine church, Ill., says: "March 8 our church met in council.  Considerable business came before the church, which was disposed of to the satisfaction of the church.  The church is now in care of Eld. D. B. Gibson. The mission cause and the book and tract work for 1888 received attention.  The church has also concluded to open Sunday-school April 1.  Bro. D. B. Gibson is delegate to Annual Meeting."

—Bro. M. A. Dickey, of the Rome church, Ohio, says: "March 9 we met in church council.  Everything passed off pleasantly.  We were all glad that our dear old brother, J. P. Ebersole, was able to be with us again. Brethren L. H. Dickey and Ephraim Sebers were elected delegates to District Meeting, and L. H. Dickey delegate to Annual Meeting.  We also appointed our communion meeting for May 26. A general invitation is extended to all."

—Bro. J. Etter wishes to impress the fact upon all our Sunday-school workers that thorough preparation is an essential requisite for success in the work.  He suggests that before opening our schools this coming spring, everything be prepared, so that the work of the schools may proceed without any difficulty.  In addition to Bro. Etter's remarks, we would suggest that nothing is more advantageous to the interest of a school than to keep it up during the entire year, and thus be in good running order at any time.

—Sister Mary Hawbecker writes of the mistakes that are often made in forgetting our baptismal vows.  She says: "Too often we tell the matter to two or three persons before going to the offending member, and thus violate a promise we made before God and a number of witnesses.  O, dear brethren and sisters, would it not be wise to become more wise in our Christian work, and try to provoke one another to love and good works and pray for each other, that we become strengthened on our Christian race! Let us labor to encourage the tender lambs in the fold!  True it is, we feel our imperfections and often neglect our Christian duties, but in reading God's Word we again become strengthened, as God is light and in him is no darkness at all."

—Bro. N. S. Dale writes from the Vermillion church, Livingston Co., Ill., as follows: "The members in this part of the vineyard are in love and union.  May the Lord enable us to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace!  We have regular preaching twice a month and social meeting once a week.  Our quarterly council-meeting occurred March 8, and passed off very pleasantly."

—Bro. Samuel Petry, of Good's Mill, Va., writes: "Spiritually this arm of the church has not been making as much progress as is desirable, but we will work on patiently and wait until the Lord gives the increase.  If we do our part, the Lord will not fail to do his.  I should like to hear more, through the Messenger, of some of the old veterans of the Cross.  Long they have stemmed the tide, and their experience is worth something. Let us have it!"

—Sister Lydia Reiff writes of the great benefit the Messenger has been to her in the past, and continues as follows: "Feb. 14, our little family, consisting of husband, two little ones, and myself, left Roanoke, Ill., for McPherson, Kans., where we intend to make our home for the future.  We like it here quite well so far, and have had the privilege of attending an interesting social prayer-meeting at the house of Bro. Deardorff.  Here we had the pleasure of meeting with many brethren and sisters who, like ourselves, had but lately arrived at McPherson.  Among the number we noticed Bro. D. B. Puterbaugh and family, who had just arrived from Lanark, Ill."

—Bro. Rudolph Stauffer, of Basel, Kans., says: "Man, while in his earthly tabernacle, is concerned about many things, often forgetting that which should be his chiefest concern.  Though we may not be able to do much in influencing the masses for Christ and his kingdom, yet we should do what we can, ever keeping in view the' Golden Rule.'  Too many forget what they should do to their fellow-men.  In their desire for earthly riches they trample under foot the most sacred feelings of the soul.  Verily, they are serving mammon, and not the God who is able to save them! Brethren and sisters, let us make a renewed effort to crucify the flesh and serve the Living God!"

—Bro. Daniel Rothenberger, of North Webster, Ind., under date of March 12, says: "Recently, while traveling through Ft. Wayne, Ind., I called at sister Standers' at 35 East Wayne St., corner of Clinton. She seems to be a sister in full faith.  Her daughter lives with her and she also once was a member, but because the Brethren did not preach there, she united with another church, but still loves our church. Sister Standers also has a son living in the city who is a member.  Now, their request is that the Brethren preach there, and that if ministers travel through, they will call upon them, and, if possible, make arrangements to preach.  They wonder why the cities are so much neglected by our people. Ministers will you remember this?"


From Clover Creek Church, Pa.

Eld. Michael Claar came to our congregation in the latter part of December and preached one week in a school-house some distance from any of our meeting-houses.  Bro. Claar left here with such an interest prevailing that the people were not satisfied without more preaching, consequently some of our home ministers, Elders J. W. and G. W. Brumbaugh, commenced preaching at the same place Jan. 3 and continued one week.  The immediate result was that three precious souls united with the church by baptism.  About the middle of January Eld. John Flory, of Bridgewater, Va., commenced a series of meetings at Fairview meeting-house.  They had very interesting meetings at this place for two weeks, when they had to close on account of the roads becoming almost impassable by the drifting snow.

From this point, Bro, Flory came to us at the Clover Creek meeting-house and commenced preaching on the evening of Jan. 30.  He preached until Feb. 14.  Eld. C. G. Lint also preached a few sermons for us.

Bro. Flory is a plain and practical speaker, holding forth the truth in its purity and simplicity.  The meetings were all well attended and the best of order and interest prevailed.  As an immediate result, seven persons made the good confession and were received into the church by baptism.

Feb. 20, Eld. C. G. Lint, of Meyersdale, Pa., commenced a very interesting series of meetings at the Martinsburg meeting-house, and continued, with increasing interest, till March 4.  The immediate result of this meeting was one addition by baptism.

At our last quarterly council-meeting, the church elected Eld. G. W. Brumbaugh, delegate, to represent us at District Meeting, and Eld. J. W. Brumbaugh as delegate to Annual Conference.

E. D. Kensinger.


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