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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #6

Notes from our Correspondents.

—During the labors of Bro. T. T. Meyers, at Gillett's Grove church, Iowa, four were added to the church. The interest prevailing seems to indicate good results for the future.

—"The Hurricane Creek church, Bond Co., Ill.," writes Bro. Cornelius Kessler, "met in quarterly council Aug. 18. Everything was disposed of satisfactorily. A division, lately, has reduced our number somewhat, but we look forward to a brighter day, and pray God that the needed help and assistance may be sent us."

—Eld. John Murray writes us that hereafter his address will again be Grenola, Elk Co., Kans. Bro. Murray has just returned from an extended trip throughout the State, visiting many families, and attending many meetings. To the brethren and sisters who assisted him while on his journey, he expresses his heartfelt thanks.

—Bro. John Metzger informs us, under date of Aug. 20, that he just returned from the Macoupin Creek church, Montgomery Co., Ill., where he attended their communion meeting on the 17th. He reports a pleasant meeting. Bro. Metzger expects to go to Douglas and Edgar counties, Ill., and stay a few days in each county. He will then go to Dayton, Ohio, and from there to Circleville, Pickaway Co., Ohio, and, likely, some other localities.

—Bro. P. D. Reed writes: "Aug. 14, a threshing-engine belonging to Eld. J. B. Pence, while threshing at Milburton, exploded, killing Leander Carper, the engineer. The other hands escaped without serious injury. While I was getting ready to attend the funeral of Mr. Carper, I received word that Daniel Campbell, an old and much respected citizen, had been thrown from his wagon and killed. His horses became frightened, and one of the lines broke. The wagon passing over him, injured him fatally, and death came to his relief in about two hours. Surely, 'in the midst of life we are in death!' Let us watch, therefore, and be ready to go when the Master calls us home."

—Bro. J. H. Miller, of Milford, Ind., writes: "Wife and I met with the Brethren of North Manchester, Ind., at their Bible class recently. Such meetings are enjoyed by those who wish to gain Bible knowledge. At this meeting we met Bro. Jeremiah Gump and wife, and on the evening of Aug. 17, we met with the dear ones of the Ogan's Creek church, at their love-feast. Here we enjoyed the presence of Bro. A. H. Puterbaugh, of South Bend, Ind. The meeting was a soul-reviving feast to all. Bro. Gump returned home the next morning, while Bro. Puterbaugh remained with the Brethren to break unto them the Bread of Life. I met with the Brethren in the North Manchester congregation, at their West house, on Sunday, and Sunday evening in town. Our meetings were pleasant,"

—A card from Bro. W. Ikenberry informs us that on Sunday, Aug. 19, two were added to the South Waterloo church, Iowa, by baptism. May the Lord add his blessing that many more may swell the ranks of the faithful!

—Bro. J. D. Haughtelin, of Panora, Iowa, under date of Aug. 25, writes: "Three were baptized here since our last report. In our council to-day a disposition was manifest to cultivate love, peace, harmony, and spiritual growth."

—"The Brethren of the English River congregation, Iowa," writes Bro. A. J. Wine, "held their quarterly council on Saturday, Aug. 25. Business all passed off very pleasantly and with good feeling. Sept. 29 was selected as the time to hold our communion meeting. We expect to hold a series of meetings in connection, probably the week previous, if a brother can be secured to preach for us."

—Bro. O. K. Parsons, of Dry Cove, Ala., sets forth the advantages of Jackson Co., Alabama. He thinks that the many natural advantages entitle the place to the consideration of those who desire a mild climate. Bro. Parsons requests our ministering brethren, in. passing by, to stop, and hold several meetings. He states that the people seem anxious to hear more of the doctrine, practiced and advocated by the Brethren.


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