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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #7

From Charles Creek Church, Warren Co., Tenn.

Our meeting commenced Dec. 1. Eld, G. C. Bowman labored faithfully for us.  We hope the seed sown by God's faithful servants will bring forth much fruit in the near future.  Bro. Bowman preached fourteen sermons in all, and did not shun to declare the whole counsel of God.  Saints were made to rejoice, and sinners to tremble.  Our love-feast was held Dec. 6.  Only nine members surrounded the Lord's table.  Quite a number of spectators were present, who gave strict attention.  This was a communion meeting which will long be remembered.

Bro. Blickenstaf, wife and daughter were with us.  All are members of the church.  We were truly glad to have them come.  Five members united with us by letter.  They live a distance of a hundred miles or more.  Bro. J. A. Richardson requested to be anointed with oil in the name of the Lord, and Eld. Bowman attended to it.  Three ministers were advanced to the second degree.  May the warm affections and tears that were manifested during their installment exercises give them courage to press onward in their calling.  Bro. Blickenstaff, wife and daughter left for Lawrence, Co., Tenn., which leaves only five members here.  If any of the Brethren are traveling through this country, we would be glad to have them stop, and see us.  May God's grace be with us all, and teach us to do those things that are well pleasing in his sight!      Amos Leedy.

From French Broad Church, Tenn.

Brethren C. H. Diehl and C. Bashor, of Washington Co., Tenn., came to our place Dec. 26, and preached twelve sermons.  The people paid good attention to the preaching of the Word.  Good impressions were made and five precious souls were made willing to forsake sin and join in with the people of God.  May God bless those young babes in Christ and help them to withstand all the scoffs and scorns of the wicked one.  Dec. 31. the brethren and sisters met to hold a church meeting.  We held an election for one minister and two deacons.  The lot fell on Bro. Satterfield for minister and brethren S. Y. Thompson and J. D. Bashor for deacons.  Bro. Emmanuel Newcomer was advanced to the eldership.  The meeting passed off pleasantly.  No one seemed to be offended at any thing that was said or done.  Surely, the Lord was with us that day!

We feel that there are others here who are meditating upon their soul's salvation.  We have thirty-six members at this place.  They all seem to be in love and union with one another.  Brethren Diehl and Bashor started for home Jan. 2.  May God bless these brethren in their labors!      Eva Bashor.

From Bristolville Church, Ohio.

Israel's faithful few at this place were comforted, encouraged and instructed by a short series of meetings conducted by Eld. William Murray, of Ashland, Ohio.  Bro. Murray came to us Nov. 19, and remained until the 25th, preaching every evening.  On Thanksgiving Day we met for public worship, and were much encouraged and admonished from the words, "Set your affections on things above; not on things on the earth."  Only a small number met there in our sanctuary, but we were made to feel that not only in large assemblies are spiritual blessings bestowed, but the Master's presence is also where the few are gathered together in his name.  This we were made to realize when Bro. Murray addressed us with so many soul-cheering words, admonishing us to press onward and upward toward the mark of the prize of
our high calling.

In the evening we met again to engage in the solemn duty of commemorating the suffering and death of our Savior.  This little flock here had been deprived, for several years, of being united around the Lord's table, hence had a longing desire to be seated around the sacred board once more.  Our meeting was truly a feast to the soul.  To Bro. Murray we extend our heartfelt thanks for so cheerfully and willingly conducting our love-feast and meeting.  May the Lord reward the dear aged brother for his labors of love!      M. Strom.


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