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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #24

Notes from our Correspondents.

—From the Turkey Creek church, Ind., Bro. Berkeybile writes: "We met in church council on Saturday, Dec. 8.  All passed off pleasantly.  We commenced a series of meetings on the 9th, and continued for two weeks.  One was received by baptism.  Failing to get help, the home ministry did the preaching.  God be praised for his goodness!"

—Bro. J. O. Butterbaugh writes: "The good work is still going on in the Broadfording church, Md.  We have again been revived, knowing that there is joy in heaven when sinners see the error of their ways and turn to the marvelous Light.  After our regular services, on Sunday, December 23rd, we retired to the water.  After breaking the ice, Bro. A. B. Barnhart led one sister down into the liquid stream, where baptism was administered.  This makes twenty-one received into the church within the last fifteen months.  Others are counting the cost.  Our earnest desire is that they may soon decide and take God at his word!"

—Bro. L. T. Holsinger, of Ladoga, Indiana, writes: "December 13th we commenced meetings with the little band of brethren and sisters living four miles south of Fortville, Ind., and continued the meetings until the 31st.  Six made the noble choice and were baptized in the likeness of Christ's death.  I would like to recommend to the Brotherhood the example of brethren Alfred and Isem Denny, who reside there.  They decided that they could leave their children and neighbors no better token of their love than to build a house of worship.  Carrying these resolutions into effect, they now have a neat brick church, well seated and well lighted, in which the `glad tidings of great joy which shall be to all people,` will continue to be proclaimed, even though the marble monument should mark the last resting place of their temple of clay.  May others do likewise."

—We are informed by Bro. Wm. Landis, of Cerro Gordo, Ill., that Bro. D. B. Gibson began a series of meetings for them on the evening of Jan. 2.  He writes: "A good interest is manifested.  Seven have already left the bondage of Satan, and we trust the good work has only begun!"

—Bro. S. C. Mallory, of the Cedar Grove church, Tenn, writes: "We have just ended a very interesting series of meetings.  We commenced Dec. 23rd, and continued until Jan. 1st.  We had preaching by Bro. S. Molsbee and Bro. E. G. Pain till Sunday, Dec. 30th, when Bro. J. B. Pence came among us and preached six sermons.  There were three applicants for baptism.  More are near the kingdom.  The members were edified and built up."

—We are informed by Bro. Joseph John, that Bro. Daniel Wysong, of Nappanee, Ind., has been holding some interesting meetings near Roann, Ind.  He writes: "Bro. Wysong preached twenty-one sermons for us. The arrow of conviction was sent into the hearts of some dear souls, and, on Dec. 24, were joiced to see two come out on the Lord's side.  Dec. 26 one more made the good resolve, and Dec. 29 six more left the ranks of Satan.  Others, who feel the weight of sin, are expected to come ere long."

—Bro. J. E. Springer writes: "The Morrill church, Kansas, has a Bible class in good working order.  The class met at my home last Thursday evening.  I was much pleased with the way in which it was conducted.  Each one had a portion of the chapter assigned to him for disposal, which I think works well, as it causes an interest in the meeting.  At first I did not favor the work, but now I feel satisfied that it is a good work, and I hope much good may grow out of it.  `Prove all things, hold fast what is good.' "

—Joyful news of wanderers returning is sent us by Bro. David P. Miller, of Buchanan, Mich.  He says: "Dec. 28, Bro. R. J. Shreve, of La Porte county, Ind., came into the north-western part of our congregation, where there are but few of our members living, and also a few that had left us in our late trouble.  He began meetings on the same evening, and continued until the next Friday evening.  As the immediate fruits of his labors, two that had left us were received back into the church again, and two more promised to come soon.  Many good impressions were made.  Praise God, the cloud is lifting!"

—From the National Soldiers' Home, Ohio, Bro. L. T. Haynes writes: "To be a follower of our beloved Savior, and work for him in a camp of United States soldiers, is a heavy cross, but of late I have been made to rejoice in God.  In distributing the Messenger through the camp, I am glad to hear the soldiers say, `When are you going to have some more of those papers?  We like to read them.'  If we were able we would subscribe for them; but we lack the means.  The Miami church, south of the Home, will commence a series of meetings on the evening of January 12.  The members seem to be interested, and a good feeling seems to prevail among them.  That there may be good results from the meeting, and many souls brought into the fold of the church, is my prayer."  "Suppose my watch were not doing well; would it do any good were I to go to the town clock, and take out my key and make the hands of my watch point to the same as those of the clock?  You know this would do no good, for the hands would soon be as far wrong as ever.  I must send my watch to the watch-maker, that he may put its heart right, too.  So is it with you; you must first get your heart put right, then your hands will go right, and your feet, and all will go right."


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