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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #21

Notes from our Correspondents.

"As cold water is to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country."

—Bro. G. W. Sensenbaugh, of Oakley, Ill., tells us about their quarterly council on Mar. 31, at which time their Sunday-school was re-organized.   R. W. Hufford and G. W. Sensenbaugh were elected Superintendents.  This is their second year, and they hope to meet with good success.  They decided to use the Brethren's Quarterly and Young Disciple.

—Sister Mary Cole, of St. Joseph, Mo., writes of her isolation from the church.  She thinks that much good might be done by the distributing of tracts, and that a great work could be accomplished by an earnest effort on the part of the ministry.  We hope some of our ministering brethren will visit that locality and endeavor to introduce the gospel in its purity.

—Bro. James M. Krous, of Nicodemus, Rooks Co., Kan., writes: "The Sand Creek church is very much in need of ministerial help.  We have only one young minister, and the calls for preaching are many.  We hope that some of our Brethren, westward bound, will cast their lot with us.  We have good land, good water, good climate and plenty of room for orderly and zealous workers for the cause."

—The Brethren in the West are busy in the Master's field. Bro. Michael Moorhead, of Great Bend, Kan., says: "The Eden Valley church is moving along in the even tenor of the gospel.  At our last council, Mar. 26, the Brethren decided to make an effort to build a meeting-house, and appointed solicitors to raise necessary funds.  We also appointed solicitors for the General Church Erection and Missionary Work."

—Rudolph Stauffer, Dubois, Nebr., sends us a short letter from which we glean a few thoughts: "God rules the universe, as well as each one of us in particular; if we are truly his children, he will never forsake us.  By Christian purity we may be a light to all around us, and labor in the grand work of enlightening mankind.  We should love our home circle and labor for its prosperity.  We must obey the Bible in all things, and follow the footsteps of Christ."

—A short note from Bro. G. W. Fesler, of Longmont, Colo., informs us that he was called, on March 29, to preach the funeral of the little daughter of Bro. and sister Beer, who live about fifty miles from the home of Bro. F.  Their post-office is Littleton, only about fifteen miles south of Denver.  They desire very much to have the Brethren stop and preach for them, as they think much good might be accomplished.  We hope some one will feel like making an effort to have their wants attended to.

—Bro. J. J. Brower, of Deep River, Iowa, writes: "We had our council April 2; love and union seemed to prevail.  We hope everything was done to the glory of God and the benefit of the church.  Our elder, J. S. Snyder, of Brooklyn, was with us, and also preached for us on Sunday, at 11 A. M.  H. R. Taylor and G. W. Hopwood were chosen as delegates to District Meeting, and H. R. Taylor as delegate to Annual Meeting.  J. J. Brower was elected Superintendent of the Sunday-school; Annie B. Hopwood, Assistant."


To The Donors.

I stated heretofore that I would publish quarterly the names of those desiring their donations to the Brethren's Orphan's Home of Southern Illinois.  Where I received two or more letters from the same party, I will so state, opposite his name. If any of the Brethren hold in their possession any of the old subscription lists, please look them over and if you see the names of any persons whom you think, did not have any way of finding out the proceedings of District Meeting, apprise them of the fact, and tell them to correspond with me before September next.


Solomon Eby, John Snavely, Sen., 2, Isaac Hendricks, Andrew Neher, N. S. Dale, Leonard Wolfe, J. L. Snavely, Wm. N. Bowers, Martin Weaver.

By order of Board of Trustees.

R. W. Hufford.

From Shannon, Ill.

On Sunday-school began April 3rd, with Bro. Geo. Studebaker as Superintendent.  We had an attendance of sixty-seven.  We are made to rejoice that there is no special opposition to the Sabbath-school work in our congregation, and hope all will become more earnest workers in this direction than we now are, so that the seed, "the word" may be implanted in the hearts of our children, that they may early become workers in the Master's vineyard.      D. Rowland.

From Maple Grove Church, Norton Co , Kan.

On April 2, we held our quarterly conference.  Business passed off satisfactorily to all present.  Brethren John Garber and Oscar Albion were chosen as delegates to the District Meeting.  As we have only one minister here in the first degree, the church desires very much that some faithful minister move among us, as the harvest is great, but the laborers are few.  The missionary work was attended to.  On the 3rd of this month three united with us by letter. G. M. Throne,

Rockwell, Kan.


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