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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #19

Notes from our Correspondents.

—Bro. D. F. Ebie is glad to hear the good news given through the Messenger, of the success of the church.  They had a protracted meeting at Nimishillen, Ohio, and much good was done.

—Bro. David Hollinger, of the Palestine church, reports interesting meetings in their congregation.  Much good seed was sown, which, it is hoped, will produce a bountiful harvest in the future.

—Bro. Samuel Murray says that their meetings in the Salimony church are very interesting.  Br'n Rosenberger and Teeter are with them.  Seven applicants for baptism, so the meeting will continue.

—Sister Lydia Hatfield, of Dillen, Montana, makes an earnest call for the brethren to come to Montana and build up a church there.  She hopes that this call will not only be read, but also heeded.

—Bro. Noah Young is impressed with the thought that Kingman, Kan., is a good place in which to build up a church.  Some of the brethren who contemplate moving to Kansas, should look at Kingman before locating.

—Sister Julia A. Gilbert writes a short essay on seeking a home; showing how careful we are about seeking earthly homes, and advises all to seek for a heavenly home in God's word, and this can only be done by obeying his commands.  We should obey Him in all things and so secure a home in heaven.

—Sister Emma Rush, Belsano, Pa., reports that they enjoyed a series of meetings, in which the church was built up and many good impressions made.  Bro. Mark Minser and Isaac Crist did the preaching for them, and they held forth the word in simplicity and power.

—Bro. J. L. Brown, of Washington Co., Ark., says that the Messenger is the only preacher that comes to them, and they welcome its weekly visits as they do a refreshing shower after a drouth.  Since brother Hutchinsons visit to them, they are much built up and encouraged in the work of the Lord.  They ask an interest in the prayers of God's people.

—Bro. W. T. Miller, of Oak Hill, Md., writes under date of Feb. 8th that Br'n Samuel Utz and Andrew Rinehart had been with them, and labored acceptably in the vineyard of the Lord.  They have a large field and few laborers, and they ask that laborers may be sent to them, and that they may have the prayers of God's people in their behalf.

—Brother Samuel White, of Dimondale, Mich., describes a sect that practice nearly the same as the brethren, except they baptize by backward immersion.  They profess to cure the sick by faith and prayer.  He says he would like to have a faithful minister come to them.  He urges the members to be faithful, and says that by fasting and prayer we may become stronger in the Lord.

—Bro. F. C. Myers, of St. Louis, Mo., writes that on Sunday, Feb. 15th, Bro. A . W. Vaniman preached an excellent sermon for them, from 2 Kings and 5th chapter, from which he drew some good conclusions on the training of children.  The responsibilities of training the young are very great, for to the rising generation is to be left the future of the church.

—Bro. Allen Ockerman, of Lexington, O., gives an account of an interesting series of meetings held in their congregation, by Bro. Jacob Garver and Isaac Frantz.  They have thirty-one members and are left without a minister, yet they feel like pressing forward in the work of the Lord.  He closes by saying, "Brethren, come and preach the word to us, for nowhere is it more needed.  We hope this call will be heeded.

—Bro. Jacob Kintner gives a report of their last quarterly meeting, Feb. 14th, as passing off pleasantly.  One of their number, Bro. Samuel Kintner, leaves them to make a home at Peabody, Kan.  They are sorry to have him go away from there, as he is a zealous worker for the Lord.  On Sunday, the 15th, at their meeting, Bro. Samuel gave a farewell address, encouraging them to faithfulness in their high calling in Christ.

—Bro. N. F. Brubaker, of Beattie, Kan., gives an account of the work in the Vermillion church.  Bro. Jos. Brubaker was with them the latter part of December and labored earnestly for the cause of the Master.  On the 17th of Jan., Bro. George Myers broke to them the bread of life.  The weather was cold but they had good meetings.  Feb. 27th the home ministers began a series of meetings.  May the Lord bless their labors.


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