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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #16

From Golden Spring, Nebr.

Last Winter, Mr. George Blue, of this place, visited Indiana.  While there, he united with the church, and then induced Bro. R. J. Shreve to come here and preach the gospel.  He reached Golden Spring, March 2.  Just then the Adventists were holding meetings, and it was nearly a week before he had an opportunity to preach.  On the following Sunday evening he commenced preaching, and continued ten days, when thirteen were baptized.  Soon after this, Bro. Trostle, of Iowa, came and preached three sermons, and partly organized the little band into a church.  Recently brethren Moomaw and Stambaugh came and finished the work of organization.  Brethren George Blue and Lewis Redding were called to the ministry, and Charles Buchanan and Hiram Grothby to the office of deacon.  At this writing, brethren Snowberger and Shreve are holding meetings.  There is a good interest manifested.

M. F. Redding.

Royal Crumbs.

January 29, Bro. John Hollinger and I met with the Eden Valley church, Stafford Co., Kan.  Much work, and we trust the disturbed elements were brought into harmony, so that precious souls may honor God in all their doings.  Unless "all bitterness, and clamor, and evil speaking" be pushed under the cross and forever drowned in the bloody fountain of grace, there can be no peace, however much the faithful may strive for it.  If ministers and deacons agree and behave, the trials and troubles will be few indeed. Perhaps unruly spirits are needful in churches to test the fidelity of those approved of God.  We wish the Eden Valley church great love, peace and prosperity; and may they speak to each other in kind words and with gentle manners.

The 1st of February, we met with the members north-west of Great Bend.  Elders Abram Shepler and John Hollinger were also present to assist in organizing a church.  The feelings, dispositions, manners and order of work among the members, were, indeed, pleasant.  The outlook for this Bethel of God is very promising, if the members keep Satan out of their company.  No doubt he is around, looking for an entrance, that he may scatter the flock and catch some lambs and sheep.  Keep up the fences, dear brethren, lest he put his feet into your midst.  You know his devices.

The next day Bro. H. and I drove about thirty-five miles, in buggy, to Russell.  The wind was very cold, and we, having to face it, suffered some; Bro. H. being so much chilled as to cause alarm.  By the grace of our Father, he was saved from freezing, and I endured it pretty well.  Few know the exposures to which ministers on these plains are subject, when they must travel long distances in private conveyances, in winter.  One sensibly feels the nerves failing under such trials.  Pray for your willing, self-sacrificing ministers, and with your prayers, see that more than words are given them.  Words will not clothe them comfortably, nor feed them and their ponies.

At Russell we again met our dear Bro. Zollers.  On the 3rd we intended to go to Osborne county, to aid in the noble cause, but the cold being severe and the wind to our faces, we concluded not to go, hence we returned home.  We much desire to comfort the saints in Osborne, Graham and Smith counties, but the way is not open.  To have reached those points and served the saints, would have required about 200 miles of travel, by private conveyance; and the intense cold and exposure forbade us.

Feb. 8, another beautiful bud was laid away in our church-yard, to await the resurrection.  It was Clara Ethel Ball, daughter of Chester and sister Mary Ball, nee Gooch.  One by one the tender branches are given up to God, that he may have a multitude of little angels in the "new heavens and the new earth."  Does he take them away?  Why not?  Is he not sovereign?  Is not that which he creates, his own, and can he not do with it as it pleases him?"  None considered that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come."  Is. 57: 1; 1 Kings 14: 13.  These Scriptures must forever close the idea that God does not take people away from this life.  He does that which pleases him—not what pleases us in this.  Herein is divine sovereignty—divine wisdom—divine goodness.  The precious little flower was five weeks and two days old.

M. M. E.

[Matthew Mays Eshelman]


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