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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #17

From Hillisburg Church, Ind.

We are glad to say that the good work is still going on in this part of God's vineyard.  We are also glad to tell the readers of the Gospel Messenger, that Brethren Sanford, and H. Saylor, of the Middle Fork church, came to us on Feb. 6th, and commenced a series of meetings which were continued until the tenth.  The result was, nine precious souls followed in the footsteps of the Master, and many others are counting the cost.  Saints were made to rejoice and sinners to tremble.  Come again, Bro. Sanford, you are welcome.      John W. Gripe.

In Memoriam.

We have been called again to mourn the loss of another of our number.  Bro. Ira Heeter departed this life, Feb. 4th, 1886, at the age of fifty-five years, five months, and twenty-nine days.  The deceased was a deacon and always found at his post.  We will mite his labors and feel deeply the loss of his wise counsel.  Bro. Heeter suffered untold misery during his illness, but with the true, Christian soldier spirit bore it without a murmur and when the crisis came, passed as peacefully away, as if falling into a natural sleep.—"Truly, a good man has fallen."  The writer, assisted by others, conducted the funeral services.       A. H. Puterbaugh.

Communion Meeting at Keuka, Fla.

Being near this place on February 13th, the time set by the Brethren to hold their love-feast, we planned to visit here during this meeting.  There were about thirty members present at communion.  The time usually devoted to examination services was occupied by Bro. Neher to the satisfaction of the attentive hearers.  The ordinance of feet-washing is here observed by the single mode.  To one used to the double, and to the confusion necessarily attending it, the difference is very marked and in favor of the single, besides this we have the example of "Jesus," as he instituted and practiced the ordinance and why the Brethren should adopt the double mode has never been satisfactorily explained to us.  Sunday morning we met at ten o'clock for Sunday-school.  One feature, in particular, of the school is its large attendance of both parents and children, all seemingly anxious to learn the Word of God.  An hour was thus spent very profitably, and at its close, Bro. Moore read a chapter bearing on the lesson from the life of "Daniel," illustrated by practical thoughts.  Upon the whole a very enjoyable meeting was held.  At the close of sermon, Brethren Neher and Bowser, by the unanimous consent of the church, were advanced to the second degree of the ministry.  The installation was an impressive and solemn one.  It seems to us the seed sown by these earnest, zealous brethren must eventually spring up and bear fruit to the honor and glory of God.  To the self-sacrificing spirit of Bro. Moore and wife must be largely accredited the building up of this church in sunny Florida.      W. R. Miller.

From Indian Creek Church, Pa.

Dear brethren and sisters, as church news is always read by the faithful, I will therefore say, that the members of the Indian Creek church thought it good to commence a series of meetings, and therefore commenced on the evening of Jan. 15.  They called to their assistance, Bro. F. B. Weimer, from the Jacob's Creek congregation, and he came on the eve of the 16th, and commenced the work in good earnest.  On Tuesday eve, Eld. J. H. Myers, of Markleysburg, who had just closed a series of meetings in the Jacob's Creek congregation, also came to assist us.  The two continued the meetings for one week, and Bro. Myers left for other fields of labor.  Bro. Weimer continued the meetings a few days longer, and three came forward to be added to the Lord, and I hope the church was much revived.      D. D. Horner.

From Washington Church, Kan.

We are making some advancement in this congregation, and doing some work which will tell for us in eternity.  One step forward is the organization of a social meeting in the northern part of our district.  We meet and spend one evening each week in singing, prayer, and the study of God's Word.  After our meeting is opened, we always study the lesson announced the week previous, and give the privilege to any of asking such questions as may have presented themselves in the study of the Bible.  There is a growing interest in the work, and I am confident much good will be accomplished.  All of our members who attend, take hold of the work like true soldiers and manifest a noble Christian spirit in their undertakings.  One sister remarked, "I have received more practical knowledge in the way of studying the Scriptures, than I could have received from many public discourses.  One of the great aims of our meetings, is to help each other in the study of God's Word; another is that we may grow in grace, as nearly as possible, commensurate with our privileges.  May God help us!      A. H. Puterbaugh.

Feb. 14, 1886.

From Peru, Indiana.

I am now on my way home from Adamsborough, Cass Co., Ind., where Bro. Rhinehart and I have been holding meetings for over a week.  We had some opposition to encounter, and the roads and weather were not favorable, but we had a good and attentive congregation.  The few brethren and sisters residing here were much encouraged, and at the close of the meeting we had the satisfaction of seeing three precious souls coming forward and requesting baptism; there were also quite a number who said, "We will also come soon."  On account of a previous engagement, the meeting was closed with quite a growing interest, as is too often the case, with meetings of that character.  To the saints and friends at Adamsborough, we return thanks for the kind hospitality shown us, commending them to God and the Word of his Grace, which is able to build us up, and give us an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.

Daniel P. Shively.

From Maria, Bedford Co., Pa.

Bro. J. S. Holsinger, of Dunnings Creek church, Pa., commenced a series of meetings at the Holsinger meeting-house on Sunday, the fourteenth.  In the Woodbury congregation, up to this date, the roads have been bad for travel, still our meetings are interesting, and we hope we may have a good meeting yet, to report.  One of our aged members was buried yesterday.  He was in his eightieth year.      D. S. Replogle.

Feb. 16, 1886.


NICHOLSON—FOLGER. — At the residence of the bride's parents, in Clarke Co., Ia., Feb. 14, Mr. Thomas Nicholson and sister Mary Folger, late a student of Mt. Morris College, Ill.      M.

ALEXANDER—BONER. — At the residence of W. F. Boner, Harlan, Shelby Co , Iowa, Feb. 7, by the undersigned, Mr. J. C. Alexander, late of Indiana, and Miss Katie Boner, of Harlan, Iowa.

R. A. Yoder.

MOOMAW—SAWYER. — At the residence of the bride's mother, Feb. 11, by the undersigned, Mr. David G. Moomaw and Miss Malinda Sawyer, both of Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

DAVIS—SHERRETS. — At the residence of the undersigned, Feb. 14, Mr. William H. Davis and Miss Sarah Sherrets, both of Tuscarawas County, Ohio.      M. H. Shutt.

TAYLOR—SITHERWOOD. — At the residence of Daniel Hauger, Jan. 27, Mr. Geo. W. Taylor, of Altoona, and Miss Alice Sitherwood, of Westmoreland County, Pa.      D. D. Horner.


STUCKEY.—Jan, 2, sister Hannah Stuckey, aged 67 years, 1 month and 1 day. Services by Eld. C. Kahler, assisted by our friend and brother Sloneger, of the Omish Church, to a large concourse of friends.  Her remains were deposited in the Freeburg graveyard, Stark Co., O.

S. B. S.

BURGER.—In the Sugar Creek church, Baltic, O., infant son of Bro. Eli and sister Rebecca Burger, aged 7 days.  Funeral services by Bro. Josiah Hochstettler, from Matt. 18: 13.

M. H. Shutt.

HOMEDAY.—In the Fairview church, Tippecanoe Co., Ind., Dec. 24, 1885, Bro. John Homeday, aged 76 years, 11 months and 15 days.

He leaves a widow and four children to mourn their loss, which, we believe, is his great gain.  He was the father of twelve children, eight of whom preceded him.  He was a most faithful and zealous member.  Just the day before he walked to the church and home again, a distance of three miles.  He wished to obey the Lord in all his commandments, and called for the elder and was anointed.      Isaac Billheimer.

MAPHIS.—In Mt. Jackson, Va , Feb. 8, sister Thursa Maphis, aged 60 years, 5 months and. 20 days. Funeral services by S. F. Sanger.

RUHLMAN.—In the Mahoning church, near North Linn, Mahoning Co , O., Feb. 7, sister Mary B., wife of Bro. Eli H. Ruhlman, aged 45 years, 9 months and 12 days.

She passed through considerable affliction, and endured it patiently until she was relieved, with a hope of receiving that rest prepared for the children of God.  She leaves a husband and one son.  Funeral services by Bro. Simon B. Stuckey and the writer, from Is. 38: 1.

J. H. Kurtz.

JOHN.—In Union Co., Iowa, Feb. 7, of consumption, sister Laura John, aged 24 years, 5 months and 7 days.

She was the youngest daughter of Bro. Adam Shaffer, formerly of Ogle county, Ill.  Sister John had neglected her soul's eternal interest until life was despaired of, when she made application to the church for admission, and was received and baptized by Eld. William Groesbeck.  She leaves a husband, father, mother and two sisters to mourn their loss.  The interment took place near Macksburg, Iowa.  The occasion improved by the brethren, from 1 Cor, 15: 26.      M. Myers.

WEIRICH.—In the Little Traverse church, Mich., Jan. 8. of consumption, sister Catharine Weirich, aged 46 years, 11 months and 21 days.  She leaves a husband and children, three of whom are yet small, needing a mother's care.  She was kind and faithful. Services by Samuel Weimer, from Job 19: 25, 26.

WOLF.—In the Dorchester church, Saline Co , Neb., Jan. 26, of consumption, Bro. Abraham Wolf, aged 36 years, 5 months and 13 days.

The subject of this sketch had contracted said disease in the State of Indiana, about a year ago, and moved to this State last June for his health.  For awhile he seemed to improve, and was able to work, but when cold weather set in, he began to fail, and steadily grew worse until relieved by death.  Thus the Dorchester church has lost one of its most consistent members. He bore his afflictions with Christian fortitude.  He leaves a wife and four children to mourn their loss.  Funeral services by Eld. J. J. Hoover, to an attentive and sympathizing congregation.

D. C. Cripe.

BOWMAN.—At Lake Galilee, near Keuka, Fla., Nov. 1, 1885, Cora A. Bowman, aged 7 years, 3 months and 3 days.

She was a daughter of D. E. and C. B. Bowman, of Stark Co., Ohio.  Little Cora came here to spend the winter with her mother, but seemed to have contracted some disease on the way, and died after an illness of but a few days.  Her body rests in a lonely grave on a beautiful hill overlooking the charming lake of Galilee.      J. H. Moore.

STONER —At Walton, Harvey County, Kansas, Jan. 20, Daniel P., son of D. P. and S. M. Stoner, aged about 6 years.

He died of inflammation of the bladder and kidneys, and suffered terribly the last year from gravel.  He bore his sufferings with patience, for a child.  Daniel was a very good little boy, and we miss him very much he often asked us to read the Bible to him, young as he was, and always said his evening players.  Funeral sermon by Eld. Alfred Ogle, from Matt. 18: 1-8.

D. P. & S. M. stoner.

BAEHMLER.—In the Salamony Church, Ind., Feb. 7, 1886, Nancy Catherine Baehmler, aged 17 years, 11 months and 21 days.

She had been married a little over three months, and leaves a young husband, a father and mother, two grandfathers and two grandmothers with many other friends, to mourn their loss.  She was a daughter of brother Daniel and sister Mary Burket.  We are sorry to know that she had not made any special preparation for death.  O that this may be a warning to all who see this notice!  Funeral was improved by the writer and D. Shidler to a very large congregation.

Samuel Murray.


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