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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #4


"As cold water is to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country."

—Bro. J. M. Replogle, of the Mexico church, Ind., says that Bro. J. M. Wright preached for them on Christmas Day.  One precious soul was received by baptism, and one who had wandered away from the fold was reclaimed.  During the year 1886, twenty-five were received into the Mexico church by baptism, and two were reclaimed.  Let us all rejoice and be glad.

—Bro. R. A. Yoder, of Harlan, Iowa, informs us that Bro. Frank McCune, of Dallas Center, Iowa, was with them Dec. 27, holding a series of meetings.  The interest was good.

—Bro. A. A. Hetzel, of Astoria, would not do without the Messenger, as it always comes to them laden with good food for the soul, and he asks God to send his blessing with it wherever it goes.

—Bro. T. E. Marsh, of Friendsville, Blount Co., Tenn., thinks that the tracts distributed there are doing good, and asks that a minister be sent to them.  Will our Tennessee brethren look after this call?

—From Bro. S. C. Smith, of Sunfield, Mich., we learn that the good work is moving forward in their church.  On Christmas Day one young brother was received by baptism.  They expect to begin a series of meetings the last of the present month.

—Sister Susan Strope, of Oreana, Ill., would like to have some of our ministers visit and preach in that place.  She has distributed tracts, and the people say our doctrine is correct.  Here is an opening for the Mission Board of Southern Illinois.

—Bro. G. W. Hopwood reports the Deep River church, Iowa, as making some progress in the Master's work.  Since August last, five have been received by baptism, and others are almost ready to come.  Bro. Hopwood's health is not good, and he asks an interest in the prayers of the brethren and sisters.

—Bro. John C. Frantz writes from the Greenland church, [West] Va., that Bro. Aaron Fike held a series of meetings for them recently.  The weather was bad, and congregations rather small, but the attention and interest were good.  Later, Bro. Z. Annon preached for them at their different appointments. — During these meetings one was added to the church by baptism.

—Bro. Wm. Flickinger, of Morrill, Kan., thus encourages the Messenger: "May the dear Messenger long live to help pilgrims on their way Zionward, and continue to be both an incentive and a guide to God.  May the editors bear up the burden placed upon them.  Nothing is gained without labor except poverty.  Let us not have poverty of mind, but a treasury well stored with useful knowledge."

—Bro. E. Miller, of Sidney, Ind., sends us a short essay on the Lord's Prayer.  He thinks it is well that we, as a church, use the model prayer, but offers a warning that we do not get so in the habit of using it that it becomes to us a mere form of words rather than a prayer coming from the heart.  There is danger in this, because of the frequency with which we use the words.  The brother's warning is a good one, and all of us will do well to see that our prayers are not mere forms of words, for if so, they come not from the heart, but from the lips.  The prayer of faith comes from the heart, and it is often a groan or a sigh that cannot be uttered or formulated into words.

—Bro. D. P. Miller, of the Berrien church, Mich., gives us the following good news: "Our meeting began Nov. 28, and continued until Dec. 23, and as a result sixteen were added to the church.  May God's name be praised and glorified for all the good he has done. To him all praise belongs.  Bro. I. N. Miller conducted the meetings, and labored faithfully for the salvation of souls.  May God's choicest blessings rest upon him! We desire the prayers of all God's faithful children every-where, that we may ever labor for the good cause."

—Bro. J. D, Haughtelin, of Panora, Iowa, sends the following: "Bro. J. S. Mohler, of Morrill, Kan., started for his home the last of December, after preaching in Dallas and Guthrie counties every night, and frequently in the day time, for over a month.  He labored acceptably, with zeal and power, with a growing interest at each place.  Though there were no additions, the church has been much edified and strengthened, and many sinners were caused to seriously reflect.  We hope the fruits may be seen hereafter.  God bless our dear brother."

—Bro. J. Y. Eisenberg, of Coventry, Pa., writes as follows: "The Brethren of the Coventry church, Chester Co., Pa., commenced a series of meetings on Nov. 27, and closed on Tuesday evening, Dec. 14, with five applications for baptism.  Bro. J. T. Meyers, of the Green Tree church, was with us part of the time, and preached for us.  May the good Lord add his blessing!  The Brethren at Lawrenceville commenced a series of meetings on Sunday evening, Dec. 26, under the charge of Eld. J. P. Hetric, with the prospect of Eld. Amos Hain, of New Jersey, to assist."

—Bro. John S. Snowberger writes from David City, Nebr., under date of Dec. 22, that he is out in the field at work.  He was at that time holding meetings north-east of David City, and expected to go from there to the Weeping Water church, and then to North Beatrice.  May the blessings of heaven attend our brother in his labors for good!

—Bro. J. P. Hay, of Mingo, Iowa, tells of the departure of Bro. Charles Hilary and his family, with a number of others, for their new home at Quinter, Kan.  Before separating they knelt down together and offered a prayer to God, after which the tearful farewells were given, and the company started on their journey for Kansas.

—Bro. Daniel P. Shively sends us the following items from the Pipe Creek church, Ind.: "Bro. Jesse Stutzman preached eleven sermons for us, which were much appreciated.  One was added to the church, and impressions were made which will yet tell for the building up of Christ's kingdom on the earth.  Our church meeting, Dec. 9, passed off pleasantly.  Delegates were appointed to represent the church at District and Annual Meeting.  Our active solicitor, Bro. Samuel Coblentz, reported $21.55 collected for Home Missions.  We thank God that our little church is awakening to the importance of providing means by which souls may be brought to Christ."


From Salem Church, Reno Co., Kan.

In my last report I said brethren Dierdorff and Shirk would continue the meeting, which they did, for one week. During this meeting brethren Hope and E. Eby dropped in, and each one gave us a sermon.

On Nov. 6, Upton Blucher [b. ca. 1835, s/o David D. & Sarah 'Newman' Blucher] went to mill at Abbyville, and while there the boiler of the mill exploded, killing him instantly, and wounding several others.  The funeral took place at Nickerson on the 7th.  The occasion was improved by brethren Forney and Martin.  Thus in the midst of life we are in death.  The prophet has said, "Set thine house in order, for thou shalt die and not live."

Nov. 8, Bro. E. Eby came to us and held some good meetings. Nov. 25, Bro. Lemuel Hillery came and preached ten sermons.  On account of sickness Bro. Hillery stopped preaching, and the meetings closed, with one application for baptism.  Had a pleasant council meeting on Dec. 4.  One important feature of the meeting was a change of elders.  Our elder, J. D. Trostle, tendered his resignation several times, on account of distance, and his mission in north-eastern Kansas.  His resignation was accepted, and Bro. Moses Brubaker, of the State Center church, was chosen as our elder.  Bro. Brubaker lives near Lyons, Rice Co.

In No. 43, of the G. M., Bro. W. H. Millter, of Filley, Nebr., in speaking of pride, says, "We need enough pride to keep ourselves decent."  With all due regard for Bro. Miller, we wish to set right our minds on that subject.  We hear many good brethren and sisters say the same thing, and I at one time used the same line of argument, but I now assume the prerogative to say that the Christian does not need any pride to keep himself decent.  Pride is from the devil, and any one truly born of God can and will keep himself decent without pride.  But, says one, who is there that does not have some pride?  The most of us have more or less of it, but it is not needed.  If we do not keep ourselves decent, let us pray God for more of his spirit, and if we let the spirit work it will cleanse us, and we shall be whiter than snow.  That is, with a proper effort on our part. Oh, my brother, my sister, if we could only get the principle of pride out of self, we would be astonished at the progress and success of the church.  Let us pray for this end!      D. A. Rowland.

Nickerson, Kan.

From Thornton, W. Va.

On Nov. 25, I left home to visit the members in Grant Co., W. Va.  The same evening of my arrival I was to preach at Laurel Dale, Mineral county, but the train being late, we did not get to the appointment. Nov. 27 we met at Paddies Land for worship, staid until Dec. 5; had twelve meetings, and the best of feelings and interest.  There were no additions to the church, but we hope deep and lasting impressions were made.  Quite a sad accident occurred in this church, a few days before our arrival.  Eld. Wm. Michael while unloading wood from the wagon, fell, hurting himself seriously.  He lived about two weeks, suffering greatly, but he bore it with Christian fortitude.  His death casts a gloom over the neighborhood.  We heard more than one say, "He will be missed."  Bro. Michael was an earnest worker for his Master, and his family do not weep as those who have no hope. [See obit below.]

Dec. 6, I was taken to Greenland, four miles distant from Paddies Land.  I held eight meetings here. At first the attendance was small, but before the close it was better; the interest increased, and at the close of the meeting one was added to the church.  Hope he may be a valiant soldier for Jesus!  While with the brethren and sisters, we enjoyed ourselves, as their zeal for the Master is commendable.  Sunday evening, Dec. 12, we had services at Laurel Dale, some eight or ten miles from Greenland.  Next day we were taken to Keyser, and soon were on our way home.  Found all well.  We extend our tender thanks to the Brethren for their kindness.      Z. Annon.

In Memoriam.3

Eld. Wm. Michael was born Sept. 20, 1812; married Phebe Clark April 1, 1846.  Both united with the Brethren church in 1848.  Bro. Michael was chosen to the ministry the same year, and ordained to the eldership in 1864.  This position he occupied until death closed his labors on earth, Dec. 1, 1886.  He labored faithfully for the church and the cause of the Master, and during his entire sickness he ceased not to admonish and encourage his many friends and relatives who visited him.  We believe many lasting impressions were made, as he lived out his profession.  During his illness he called for the elders and was anointed.  He leaves a wife and four daughters, two being members of the church of his choice at his death. — One has united with the church since, and I hope the other will come soon.  Services by D. B. Arnold, May 15, 1887, from Rev. 14: 13, which subject was chosen by the family for the funeral occasion.      John C. Franz.

[s/o Solomon & Elizabeth 'Stingley' Michael; daughters: Ann C./Nancy C., Martha P./Martha J., Elizabeth, Margaret.]


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