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The Brethren's Almanac 1876 — Offering #15

Origin of the Names of the Days.

The days of the week are derived from heathen ideas and gods which the heathen worshiped.

The Idol of the Sun-The idol which represents the glorious luminary of the day, was the object of their worship. The first day of the week was especially dedicated to its adoration which they termed the Sun's Deag, hence is derived the word Sunday.

The Idol of the Moon.—The next was the idol of the moon, which they worshiped on the second day of the week, called by them Moon's Deag, and since by us, Monday.

The Idol of Tuisco.—Tuisco was at first denied as the father and ruler of the Teutonic race, but in course of time he was worshiped as the son of earth.  From this came the Saxon words Tuisco Deag, which we call Tuesday.

The Idol of Wodin, or Odin.—Wodin, or Odin, was one of the supreme divinities of the Northern nations.  It was called Woden's Deag, and by us, Wednesday.

The Idol of Thor.—Thor was the eldest and ablest of the sons of Woden and Friga.  To him the fifth day of the week, called by them Thor's Deag and by us Thursday, was consecrated.

The Idol of Friga, or Frega.—Friga was the wife of Woden, or Odin, and next to him the most reserved divinity among the heathen Saxons, Danes, and other Northern nations.  To her the sixth day of the week was consecrated, which by the Saxons was written Friga's Deag, corresponding with our Friday.

The Idol Seator.—The idol Seator is represented on a pedestal, whereon is placed a perch, on the sharp prickled back of which he stood.  His head was uncovered and his visage lean.  In his left hand was a pail of water, wherein were flowers and fruits, and his dress consisted of a long coat, girded with linen.  The appellation given to the day of his celebration is still retained.  The Saxons named it Seater's Deag, which we called Saturday.


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