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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #11

The Sunday-school at Cherry Grove, Ill., recently sent $3.00 to assist in establishing and helping a Sunday-school at Larkins' Factory, Va.  This is right.  We should always be ready to help the weak.

Bro. S. M. Goughnour writes, "that the Brethren of the Des Moines Valley church, Polk Co., Iowa, expect to hold a series of meetings, commencing Sept. 23rd.  Expect Bro. Calvert to be with us, and the meeting to be at Elkhart church."

By request of Bro. Jacob Mishler, Sec'y of the Mission Board of N. E. Ohio, we publish the following notice: "The members of the Home Mission Board of N. E. Ohio are requested to meet at the love-feast in the Springfield church, Oct. 15, 1885, to transact the necessary arrangements for the coming winter, and other business."

Bro. S. T. Bosserman sends us this good news on a postal card: "A new song of redeeming grace is sung upon earth.  Two more saints added to the flock in Eagle Creek congregation by Christian baptism.  A dear husband and wife are happily converted to God.  They are young and enterprising and bid fair to take an active part in church work.  Praise the Lord for His continued goodness!"

Last Sunday 262 were present at our Sunday-school in the College Chapel.  If the Sunday-school keeps on increasing in size and interest, we shall have to enlarge our Chapel.

Franklin wrote: "When you have bought one fine thing, you must buy ten more, that your appearance may be all of a piece; but it is easier to suppress thefirst desire than to satisfy all that follow."

Brethren David Puterbaugh and Larkins, of Lanark, visited our office last week.  Bro. Larkins is selling woolen goods, which he manufactures at Lanark.  The goods are of excellent quality, and those who purchase them will get the worth of their money.

Some time ago we received a communication from Bro. W. F. Spidle, of Clover Creek, in reply to an article by W. L. Spanogle, which appeared in the Evangelist.  As a rule, we have not thought it best to publish replies of this kind, and Bro. Spidle, at our request, kindly withdrew his reply, for which he will accept our thanks.

Bro. William Beery is here at present, teaching vocal music.  He has a good-sized class and is doing excellent work.  He is thoroughly posted in his line of work and we can heartily recommend him to those desiring to obtain a thorough drill in singing.  His headquarters are in Chicago. Address him at 236 State St., care of S. W. Straub.

The Brethren at Fredonia, Kan., are making arrangements to build a meeting-house this fall.  They expect to have it inclosed in forty days.  They have the vim and determination which usually leads to success.  They have been greatly encouraged by receiving a number of members by letter, and one was recently added to their number by baptism.

The Brethren in Kansas are active in the work.  Two or three members move into a new locality and in a short time they manage to have a minister locate amongst them; then we hear of a new congregation organized, a meeting-house is built and in a few years a flourishing church is built up. This is an effectual plan for doing missionary work.

Bro. J. F. Neher, of the Osage church, Kan., says, "One was baptized last Sunday.  Thirteen were received within the last year, six by baptism and seven by letter.  Had a missionary meeting last Sunday at 4 P. M., after which a collection was held for the benefit of the mission work of the Southern District of Kansas, and Texas.  Work has begun on our meeting-house."

Bro. Frank McCune, of Dallas Center, Ia., sends us the following good news: "We are trying to do what we can for the Master and have received throughthe Summer, six by baptism and some by letter, and we think and hope, others will yet come."

Bro. Simon Long of Mound Valley, Kan., writes that the church there is in a prosperous condition.  "Three were baptized since my last report. I came here in March, 1885.  Congregations are increasing; attention and behavior good.  Many calls for preaching.  Plenty of room here for more good, faithful ministers who are willing to do battle in the Master's cause against the adversary and his army.  Brethren, pray for us in the far West that the good cause may prosper."


From Hylton, Va.

Eld. H. P. Hylton and myself spent a few days in Patrick Co., Va, last month, where we have a little band of Brethren.  And as three were baptizedand one more applicant, we have a good interest here that needs being worked up.

The members seem to be very zealous, and we believe a flourishing congregation will some day be organized here.

A house in which to worship is very badly needed. May the Lord bless the glorious work. Fraternally, C. D. Hylton.

From the Cedar Creek Church, Anderson County, Kansas.

This church is in a prosperous condition,—in peace and union.  Two were added by baptism this summer.  We are holding two love-feasts, one in the spring and one in the fall.  Our love-feast this fall is the 17th and 18th of October, at the house of the undersigned, three miles north and one mile west of Westphalia, Anderson County, Kansas.  A hearty invitation is extended to all.  We hope to see a full representation from the churches.  Those coming on the train will come to Westphalia and stop off there.  The passenger train comes there at 11 o'clock.  Meeting commences at 2 P. M., on the 17th.  Conveyance will be furnished by notifying the writer.      J. S. Keim.

Sept. 7.

From Lanark, Ill.

I am very sorry to hear that many brethren and sisters do not have the privilege of reading the Messenger, on account of not being able to pay for it.  Our brethren who print the paper cannot furnish it free to all who cannot pay, and I hope that all will be charitable, not only to the poor, but also to our publishers, in aiding them to bear their heavy burden.  A little from each one will do a great deal for the Lord's poor.  The apostle tells us about "being enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causes through us thanksgiving to God.  For the administration of this service not only supplieth the want of the saints, but is abundant also by many thanksgivings unto God." 2 Cor. 9: 10, 11.  Let us follow the teachings of Christ and the apostles, and we will be acceptable in the sight of God.      J. W. Henkell.

Southern Illinois District Meeting—How to Get There.

I have made arrangements with Jacksonville and South-eastern R. R. to take our Brethren on their road for one and one-third fare to the District Meeting and return.—Tickets good going from 17th to 20th; good returning till and including Oct. 31.  Smithborough, on this line, is the stopping place for D. M. On Monday morning, Oct. 19, an extra coach will be attached from Jacksonville to Smithborough.  Leave Jacksonville at 6 A. M.; arrive at 11 A. M.  The fare from Jacksonville and return will be $3.00; from Virden and Girard, $2 00; Litchfield and return, $1.10.  Those going to D. M. over this route, and all north of the meeting should by all means do so, as it is by far the best route.  Please say to the agent, when you buy your ticket, you are going to D. M., otherwise he will charge regular fare.  This is to prevent imposition upon the Railroad Co.      D. B. Gibson.

From Mansfield, Ill.

It may not be uninteresting to the patrons of the Messenger to read an account of our series of meetings and our love-feast.  Bro. Jesse Calvert commenced preaching for us August 21.  Delivered two sermons in the town of Foosland.  Sunday morning, Aug. 23, he met with us in our meeting-house in the Blue Ridge church, to hold a protracted effort to revive God's work in this part of his great harvest field.  Bro. Jesse delivered ten discourses on ten successive nights, with such power and clearness that sinners were made to feel the power of God's Word.  Four made the good confession, others promised to come in the near future.  The brethren and sisters all took an active part in the service.  This is as it should be; it breathes forth a deep interest for the cause and advancement of the kingdom of Christ.  We will ever remember it as a glorious meeting with the children of God.  Bro. Calvert is an able expounder of the Bible.  His arguments are so conclusive and of such power, that all must admit of the truth.  Our meetings closed on Tuesday evening, Sept. 1. Bro. Calvert leaves to go to Iowa, in the interest of God's kingdom.  The meeting closed with good interest.  We made preparation for our feast, and on Thursday evening we met again for service.  Bro. Jesse is gone, but here are our young brethren (Bro. Thomson, of Hudson, and Bro. Keizer, of Woodford), to tell the story of the cross.  Friday night we met Bro. A. J. Bowers, of the Urbana church, to help in the good work.  Saturday, we met at 4 P. M. to celebrate the death and suffering of the Lord Jesus.  Here we met with some of the old veterans of the cross, — brethren John Metzger, of Cerro Gordo; T. D. Lyon, of Hudson; Eld. Mohler, of Millmine.  O, what an imposing scene to behold those old veterans of the cross so earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints!  Many brethren and sisters from surrounding congregations communed with us.  All seemed to enjoy the meetings very much, as well they should, for they are green spots on the tablets of our hearts that will never be forgotten in time and eternity.  Dear Brethren, let us all become more devoted to the cause we have espoused, that our lives may be epistles read and known of all men, that the good work may prosper and his name be glorified!  May the Lord bless our efforts that many may be saved.      John Barnhart.

Sept. 8.


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