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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #9


Gleanings from Many Fields.

—At this season of the year, our correspondence is usually so large that we are not able to publish it all in the Messenger.  We must, in order to give all a hearing, glean from the abundance on our desk.  Hope this will be satisfactory to all.  Let no one be discouraged because only a note is made of their letters.  Continue to send us church news.

—Bro. Joseph Longanecker writes from Price's Creek church, Ohio, that they held their feast Oct. 5.  It was a good meeting.  The word was preached with power.  Saints rejoiced and sinners trembled.  Since the feast eight souls have been baptized into Christ, and others are almost persuaded. — Bro. L. closes by saying to the lambs of the flock, "Be firm, be bold, be true to your holy calling, and heaven is yours forever."

—Bro. Fetter Hall, of the Iowa River church, Iowa, says: "At our last council-meeting we decided to hold a protracted meeting, commencing Nov. 27.  Bro. George Thomas, of Ames, expects to be with us.  If we expect the Lord to bless us we must work.  If we make a proper use of the means that God has placed in our power, we shall be able to overcome the enemy.  Fifteen have renounced Satan since last May, and yet the field is ripe, ready to harvest."

—From sister Hetty Engel, of Hutchinson, Kan., we learn that the good cause is prospering there.  One applicant for baptism recently.  Their new meeting-house is about completed, and they expect to hold their feast in it on the 14th inst.

—"Our feast is now in the past.  We had a good meeting, but disagreeable weather. — John Thomas, of Keota, Iowa, is now with us (the Cedar County church), holding forth the Word of Life."  So writes Bro. John Zuck, of Clarence, Iowa.

—Sister Harriet Sunderland, in a short essay, gives all an exhortation to love and work for Jesus.  The blessed hope of eternal life is given to all who serve him.  This hope is sure and steadfast, and is an anchor to the soul. Perfect love casteth out all fear.  If we accept Christ and his word, we shall land safely on the evergreen shore.

—Bro. Dorsey Hodgden reports from the Clear Creek church, Ind., a pleasant feast, held Oct. 9.  They had good help in the ministry.  Eld. Samuel Murray was present, who, although he is old and feeble, is yet able to work for the Master.  The church will hold a series of meetings in January.  Bro. O. F. Yount, of Ohio, is to be with them.

—We learn from Bro. Cyrus Bucher, of the Woodland church, Astoria, Ill., under date of Nov. 1, that they were in the midst of a series of meetings.  Three had been baptized, and the interest was very good. Bro. M. Claar, of Blair Co., Pa., was with them, and they were enjoying a rich spiritual feast.

—Bro. B. F. Miller, of Alpena, Dak., is working hard for the cause of the Master on the frontier, and wants help in the ministry.  They will hold their love-feast in Alpena on Nov. 20, commencing at 4 P. M.  "We heartily invite all to come.  If there are any ministering brethren near the borders of Dakota, on a mission, please come over and help us.  Alpena is located on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R. R., thirty-eight miles north-west of Mitchell."

—From Bro. G. W. Fesler, of Longmont, Colo., we have the following: "Sunday, Oct. 24, we drove twenty-four miles to fill an appointment; and told the old story of the cross.  One was made willing to put on Christ; stepping aboard the good ship Zion, bound for heaven and eternal glory.  May the dear sister, with all who have named the name of Jesus, be faithful, ever abounding in the work of the Lord, that when death comes we can hear the welcome words, 'Come ye blessed of my Father,' etc."

—V. B. Cotterman, of the Lower Twin Creek church, Ohio, says: "The love-feast passed quietly and pleasantly on Oct. 16. — The weather was delightful, therefore the meeting was well attended.  It was one of the largest communions ever known to be held here; about three hundred communed.  Bro. O. F. Yount, of Tippecanoe, held a series of meetings previous to the communion.  Five came out on the Lord's side, and many more are almost persuaded.  Hope that Bro. Yount will not forget to call again in the near future."

—Bro. Henry Brubaker informs us of his safe arrival in Texas.  Himself and family, with Bro. John Harshbarger and family, left Beatrice, Nebr., Oct. 19, and reached Gainesville on the 21st.  Had a pleasant journey.  "We met many warm hearted friends, but I cannot soon forget the many warm and affectionate farewells of the dear brethren and sisters in Nebraska, with whom I worshiped eleven years.  The Lord bless you and keep you from evil. Pray for us in our new field of labor, that we may labor faithfully for the conversion of sinners, and that our efforts, through your prayers, may be blessed."

—Bro. S. J. Kester, of Centerview, Mo., has some thoughts to offer on the text, "Take no thought for the morrow."  Many seem to take more thought as to what they shall eat and as to how they shall dress than they do about serving God.  At one time, eight of Bro. K's. brothers and sisters were all members of the church; now only two are in the church.  The others took too much thought as to how they should be clothed.  Bro. K. recently visited Conway Springs, Kan., and was much pleased with the beautiful country.  He also visited his old home in Neosho county.  While he was there, Bro. Yearout held a series of meetings, resulting in fourteen additions to the church by baptism, and one reclaimed.  Their love feast at Centerview passed of pleasantly.

—From Bro. Daniel Leitzel, of Aden, Dak., we have a very touching letter, giving an account of the death of his wife.  Bro. L., who is a poor man, was at a distance from his home, at work on a railroad, when his wife took sick, died and was buried before he could get home.  The poor man returned, only to find his loved one gone, and his three little ones motherless.  It was a hard stroke for the dear brother to bear, but he found some comfort in the thought that his dear wife, who was a Christian, had gone to rest.  She was ready to go.  Just as the sun was sinking in the west, she requested her attendants to raise her up, so that she might see the bright orb of day once more.  She then sang "Take the name of Jesus with you," and fell asleep, with the hope of a glorious resurrection.

—Sister Lizzie M. Rogers, of Lanark, Ill., under date of Oct. 31, writes as follows: "The good cause keeps moving along in the church.  Our dear brother, S. Z. Sharp, admonished us today from Gal. 5: 16-26; subject, "Our Enemies."  Oh, how many enemies we have; perhaps the dearest friend we think we have is our enemy.  They appear to be shooting at us from every side.  Oh, how plain our brother made this to us.  After services we resorted to the water-side, where one soul made the good confession, and was buried beneath the liquid wave, and arose to walk in newness of life.  The church greatly needs his assistance, and we trust wherever he goes he will help to build up the waste places of Zion, and prove true to the principles of the gospel.  We met again at 6:30 in the evening; Bro. Sharp spoke on the subject of temperance.  Thus one more meeting closed on earth.  Where will the next meeting be?"

—Bro. H. W. Strickler, of Loraine, Ill., gives an account of their love-feast: "Brethren J. Pool, H. C. Lucas and B. F. Britt were with us.  Our house was crowded to its utmost capacity.  The best of order prevailed.  One brother, seventy-seven years old, communed for the first time, having been baptized a few days previous.  He had been a member of the Christian church thirty-five years.  This morning, in company with Bro. Wolf and Bro. Britt, we start for Liberty, Adams Co."

—Bro. S. S. Hammer, of Colchester, McDonough Co., Ill., speaking of their feast, says: "We truly had a season of spiritual refreshment in celebrating the sufferings and death of our dear Savior.  Our little band of brethren and sisters appeared to realize the solemnity of the occasion as they partook of the emblems of the body and blood of the Lord.  May we all walk worthy, and at last find admittance to the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Bro. J. Gibson, of Macoupin Co., Ill., was with us and remained several days after the feast, preaching the word.  After Bro. Gibson left, the brethren continued the meeting a short time.  One was baptized."


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