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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #5


—Bro. Jacob Shaneour, of the Silver Creek church, Ohio, reports the death by drowning of W. H. Kinney.  He had gone to spend the fourth of July at Montpelier; he with some others, went into the river to bathe, and to the sorrow of his friends he was taken out a corpse.

—Bro. Samuel Murray, of River, Ind., says: "We have two good Sunday-schools in the Salimony congregation, and ought to have another to accommodate all of the members and their children.  We had quite a good children's meeting yesterday afternoon.  My health is not good at present."

—Sister Laura A. Dial, of Gambier, O., says that Bro. D. N. Workman, of Ashland, Ohio, was with them and preached two sermons for them in the Union Grove church.  Two precious souls made the good confession of faith, and were baptized at five o'clock in the afternoon, by Bro. Workman.  We are glad to learn that Bro. D. N. is again in the field.  May the Lord bless his labors.

—Sister Mary E. Switzer, of Mt. Vernon, Ill., gives a report of their love-feast at Bro. Hiram Hager's house, as they have no meeting-house.  They enjoyed a feast of love, and were much encouraged to go forward in the work of the Lord.  One dear sister was added to the fold of Christ.  Bro. Ullery, of Salem, was with them, and labored faithfully for the Master.  The sister closes by asking God's people to pray for them and the church in Jefferson county.

—Bro. Jacob Negly, of Canton, Ill., says: "Please inform the churches through your excellent paper that the church at Coal Creek, in Fulton Co., Ill., has set the 19th and 20th of September next to hold their love-feast, commencing at 10 o'clock, on Saturday.  We also desire to continue the meeting after the feast, providing our brethren ministers will assist us, as long as interest and expedience may dictate.  Hoping that some of our brethren will favor us with their presence, I am, as over, your brother in the Lord."

—Bro. Perry McKimmy, of Ogden, Mich., says the church there is in love and union.  They have a good Sunday-school, superintended by Bro. H. Clough, assisted by Bro. McKimmy, and a full corps of efficient officers.  They ask an interest in the prayers of God's people, so that they may have spiritual aid in their work.

—Bro. Jas. C. Cassidy, of Somerset, Pa., gives an account of their council-meeting, at which one was received by letter and one by baptism; and also of their love-feast, June 28, four more came out on the Lord's side, and were received into the church by baptism, a large audience congregating to witness the scene.  Bro. Solomon Bucklew was with them, and assisted them in their good work.

—Bro. J. H. Miller, of Milford, Ind., says: "By request, I attended the meeting in Bremen district, July 19.  Found a good congregation of listeners.  Preached, and at the close of the meeting gave an invitation.  Two made the good confession, and were baptized. Recently three were baptized, making in all fourteen, since March 1.  This District is in splendid working order.  Two more ladies wished to join with us, but their parents were of a different faith, and opposed them, so they did not come.  I attended the Sabbath-school at Berlinton.  Bro. L. E. Miller is superintending the school.  Bro. Miller is the right man for such work, and he makes things lively for the school."

—Bro. W. M. Wise, of Centropolis, Kan., under date of July 6, says: "We have great reason to rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for we have been made to feel that the spirit of the Lord has been operating among us.  We have to report nine more additions since the first of May; four by letter and five by baptism.  On the first Sunday of May we were summoned to the water-side, where a dear brother came to us and desired to be baptized.  And again, on the first Sunday of June, five dear young lambs were gathered into the fold through baptism.  The scene was very solemn and impressive.  Tears flowed freely; some, no doubt, were tears of joy, and perhaps some were tears of penitence; others appeared to be almost persuaded."

—Bro. Abraham Wolf, of McJunkin, Ia., says the Crooked Creek church met in quarterly council near Bro. John Thomas's recently.  The business of the meeting was disposed of seemingly to the satisfaction of all concerned, and love and union prevailed over all.  A choice was held for minister, and the lot fell on our worthy young brother, Anthony Sanger.  He felt the responsibility placed upon him, and said he was too unworthy.  May the Lord abundantly bless him, and make him a valiant soldier of the cross.  Elders Jacob Brower and Samuel Flory, of the English River church, were present at the meeting.  Bro. Brower preached for them with the same energy and zeal that characterized his preaching twenty-five years ago.  Bro. Wolf closes his report by saying: "Our church is in good working condition.  May the good Lord enable us all to live to His honor and glory, and finally bring us all to His glorious kingdom."

—Bro. Geo. W. Studebaker says: "There are about a dozen members living near Columbus, Cherokee Co., Kan., that have a great desire for Brethren to settle there, and especially a minister of the gospel, as there is no minister among them.  Here, dear Brethren, I think there is a good opening to do good, as there are warm friends of the Brethren about Columbus.  For further information write to Jacob Farneman, as above."

—Bro. G. W. Hepner, of Jonesboro, Tenn., gives us an account of a sad and fatal accident, by which his son, Bro. L. P. Hepner, lost his life.  On the morning of May 21, in attempting to put a rope on a pulley attached to a mill shaft, which was in motion, his arm was caught between the rope and shaft, and torn from the body, and he was otherwise badly mangled and bruised.  He lived seven hours after the accident, when death came to his relief.  He was sixteen years and one day old, having been a member of the church some sixteen months.  Surely life is uncertain, and death is sure to come.  "Be ye also ready."

—Bro. Landon West says: "I visited the Lexington church, Highland Co., O., June 27, and in council the 29th.  Bro. T. E. Ockerman was advanced to the second degree of the ministry.  Went then to Hollowtown congregation.  Had two meetings and one council; to the Bush Creek church July 1, and at the council on the 4th.  Sister Susan Reed, wife of the young ministering brother at that place, and also a daughter of Bro. R. H. Miller, of Indiana, were baptized.  Had two meetings with the Brethren there on Sunday, the 5th.  Met at 6 P. M. in Sinking Springs, and assisted Bro. Custer in anointing sister Christina Porter, and at 8 P. M. met with with the brethren and sisters, and a fair turnout of others, at the Strait Creek church.—Found our aged mother very helpless by palsy.  Returned again on the 8th."


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