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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #10


From Wichita Church, Kan.

Our love-feast is over; it was truly a feast to the soul.  Bro. Sailor, of Iowa, and Bro. Rouse, of Indiana, were with us and fed us with the manna that comes down from heaven.  Two were received into the church, by baptism, in the last month.  We ask the brethren to pray for us.  May God finally save us all, is my prayer.      George Widder.

Oct. 22, 1886.

From Deep Water Church, Mo.

We held our love-feast Oct. 8 and 9, and it was a feast indeed, for the word of God was faithfully held forth.  Elders S. S. Mohler, J. M. Mohler, S. Click and Bro. Simmons were with us.  The church decided to hold an election for two deacons, the choice being brethren Frank Smith and John Pippinger.  May God give them grace to discharge the duty resting upon them.  Our meeting passed off quietly, considering the crowd; had fair weather.      Lizzie Fahnestock.

Montrose, Mo.

From Cumberland, Cass Co., Iowa.

Our love-feast is among the things of the past, and it was an enjoyable feast. We rejoiced when we were told that three were to be baptized.  One was a young lady who has consumption, but nevertheless stood it well.  Some who believe in sprinkling said it was a sin to take her into the water.  Bro. Stephen Yoder and wife, Bro. Funk and wife and Bro. Isaac Barto were with us; also some whose names I did not learn.  We would like to have brethren come and settle among us, as we live fifteen miles from the Mt. Etna church.      Susie Hodge.

From Yellow Creek Church, Pa.

Our love-feast, which was held Oct. 8, was an enjoyable meeting.  The weather was delightful, and we had excellent preaching over Sunday.  Brethren Geo. Brumbaugh, of Grafton, and Geo. Meyers, of McVeytown, were with us.  One was baptized and one reclaimed on the day of the feast.  On Sunday evening there web a little feast held at the house of Bro. John Snoberger, for the benefit of old sister Longanecker.  Several months ago there was a young brother baptized in the curve of the beautiful stream in front of our home.  We also had the pleasure of attending the Woodbury feast.  They had a good meeting.  Brethren Sell and Grabil Meyers were present.      Emma A. Replogle.

From the Labette Church, Kan.

Our love-feast was held Oct. 20th.  There were not as many members present as we expected, on account of heavy rains, but we had an enjoyable season together, in commemorating the sufferings and death of our adorable Redeemer.  Brethren M. T. Baer, from McCune, and Andrew Neher, from the Cherokee church, were present, and held forth the Word with power.  Three were received by baptism, two young women and one young man,—all three children of Bro. C. Hamsher.  Others were made to feel the need of preparing for eternal happiness.  Hope that the members every-where will pray for us!

C. H. Kingery.

From Osceola, St. Clair Co., Mo.

I commenced a series of meetings at the Gripe school-house, Oct. 17.  Preached ten sermons, and the result was six souls were made willing to put off the old man Adam and put on the new man, Christ Jesus, and walk in newness of life.  The interest increased all the time, and to-day, Oct. 24, there was a large concourse of people to witness the baptismal scene.  Several more expressed themselves as being almost ready to follow the example set by our Lord and Master.  Every Christian man and woman was made to rejoice to see sinners come flocking home, giving their hands to the church and their heart to God.  Everything that looked dark and gloomy a week ago, now looks fresh and vigorous, and full of life.  May the good work still go on.  Our desire is that ministers give us a call in passing, and preach for us.  There is a good opening here to build up a church.  Come over and help us.      T. J. Simmons.

From Panther Creek Church, Illinois.

By way of information to the churches, I wish to say that one of God's faithful veterans, in the person of Eld. Jesse Calvert, of Indiana, came to our vicinity Sept. 30, and remained with us until Oct. 10, during which time he zealously wielded "the Sword of the Spirit," dispensing to us that "Word which liveth and abideth forever."  We are happy to say that God blessed his untiring efforts.  The immediate result was, three new names added to the list in the "Lamb's Book of Life" and two re-instated, by renewing the holy covenant.  How much more good has been accomplished, he who sees and knows all, alone can tell.  Evidently, in his fair reasoning, he cited each one of us to a higher plane in life, and urged all to a greater degree of usefulness.  May God abundantly bless him in the ministration of the Word, in other fields also!      C. C. Brubaker.

Roanoke, Ill.

From Cedar County Church, Iowa.

We held our communion service in the meeting-house, four miles west of Tipton, Oct. 23 and 24.  We had an enjoyable meeting, notwithstanding the heavy rain during Saturday.  We were once more permitted to enjoy the refreshing season of love, and the sweet communion service of the saints on earth, a foretaste of future bliss with the saints in the home of the redeemed.  Ministering brethren present were our esteemed Bro. John Thomas and Wolf, from Washington Co., Iowa, and Joshua Shultz from Clinton, and the home minister, our dear Bro. Zuck.  The attendance was not large in the evening, on account of the inclemency of the weather.  But on Sunday we had a good turnout, and a good sermon, preached by Bro. Wolf, from the words, "What shall I do to be saved?"      George Nicholas.

Muscatine, Iowa.

From Longmont, Colo.

Our love feast is among the things of the past.  We had a good feast, and at a late hour our Bro. Snowberger, of Julesburg, Colo., made us glad with his presence.  Bro. Webber, of Iowa, being here to visit a son, also was with us.  Brethren, we appreciate your presence and your labor.  Come again!  On the evening of the 12th, by request, quite a number gathered at an old sister's house, and had a feast with her, and a feast it was too.  The sister was too feeble to go out, hence the members want to her.  It probably will be the hat for same, but we hope for a better feast, when we get where Jesus says, he will serve, and wipe away all tears.      G. W. Fesler.

From Bradford, Ohio.

Our communion is in the past; had a large attendance, although there was a meeting at Sugar Grove, eight and a half miles from here, at the same time.  The ministry was also well represented, and the word spoken with demonstration and power.  The truthfulness of the Savior's language was realized; for all seemed to enjoy themselves.  To-day we had our quarterly council, which passed off pleasantly.  Held a choice for two deacons.  The lot fell on John Mummert and Noah Detrick.  They, with their wives, were duly installed. We hope and pray that God may bless and enable them to do his will in their new sphere of labor.  May God bless all his children, and call many sinners to see the error of their way and turn to him and live.      S. D. Royer.

From Cheyenne Church, Cheyenne Co., Kansas.

Our love-feast is now among the annals of the past, but it lives in our memory, as one of the bright spots in life's pathway.  Brethren J. Ikenberry and I. Hawn from Quinter, were with us.  One dear sister came out on the Lord's side, and was baptized in the afternoon, before the communion services, and three were received by letter.  We were greatly encouraged; thus the good work goes on.  The brethren held forth the work with power.  The saints, were made to rejoice.  Come again, dear brethren, and help us.  Dear brethren, you, that travel in the far West, do not pass us by.  Pray for us, that we may hold out faithful.      J. H. Cakerice.


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