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The Primitive Christian — Offering #98

Brother Quinter is at present preaching for the brethren in Armstrong county, Pa.

A collection was taken at one of our Sunday evening meetings recently for the Michigan sufferers.  The collection amounted to over $8.00.  This of course is a small sum when so much is needed, but if all our congregations were to raise that much it would amount to considerable.  Our brethren ought to be willing to relieve the suffering wherever they may be found, and we hope other churches will think of this. We are commanded to let our light shine.

Sister Mary Custer, daughter of elder Christian Custer, deceased, of Philadelphia, Pa., died recently.  She had been in the asylum for nearly two years.

Brother J. D. Trostle, who has been at the Mountain Park Home, Berks county, Pa., says his health has been much improved and that he will soon return to his home in Md.

Brother John Brindle of Martinsburg, W. Va., says : "The members of the Berkley church held an election for a minister.  The vote was a tie between brother John Turner and brother William J. Jennings.  Both were installed.

Elder John Nicholson responds to our request made a few weeks ago in the following manner : "All I know about the traveling to church matter is what brother Hyde said himself.  Now if any one is not willing to believe that, let him go to New Jersey and nudge brother Hyde up and have him run that race over.  Elder Hyde is a very pleasant man and I think a good Christian.  He is an expert on foot. While I was holding meetings in the Hemlock meeting house, N. J., I made my home at his house.  His family cannot be excelled for Christian courtesy."

For our part we are not concerned in the matter but a few of our readers urged an explanation.  We have now done our part, and if there are any curious enough to have the matter investigated further, we suppose they will have to do as elder Nicholson suggests.

From Lanark, Ill.

Dear Primitive :

Thank you for the kind notice given the The Companion in the Primitive.[sic]—We read your paper with considerable interest.  My paper is working up quite well—large and many lists are coming in daily.  I expect to greatly improve the contents of the paper by-and-by.  Weather mild, roads muddy and health good.


J. H. Moore.

From an Old Brother.

Dear Primitive :

You have been a welcome visitor to me for a number of years, but I am sorry to tell you that we have to part for awhile as I am not able to recompense you for your visits the coming year.  I am now past threescore and ten and my health is poor so I can't earn anything.  I have nothing I can call my own except my victuals and clothes.  I hope I may be enabled to send for you again, as I shall miss you very much.


Jacob Bair.

Sullivan, Ohio.

From the Eastern District.

Dear Primitive :

The Brethren at Harmonyville, Pa., commenced a series of meetings Nov. 8th and continued until the 18th, under the leadership of Bro. J. P. Hetric, assisted by the home ministry.  The meetings were interesting and instructive, and we hope they were for the glory of God, and the upbuilding of Zion.  "Paul may plant, Apollos water, God must give the increase."  God grant the increase may be an hundred fold.

Eld. Grabill Myers, from Blair Co., paid us a visit in the Coventry church Nov. 26th, and remained with us until the 3rd of Dec., just one week.  He holds forth the truth in his usual systematic and instructive manner.  One precious soul has come out on the Lord's side and has since been immersed according to the commission literally.  May God add his blessing on the work.

Bro. Hetric came the 5th, and carried on the meeting for one week more.  The meetings were well attended and good order,—the increase must come from God.

The brethren of the Lawrenceville church, a branch of the Coventry church, purpose holding a series of meetings at Lawrenceville commencing probably Christmas eve, to continue about two weeks.


J. Y. Eisenberg.

From Burr Oak, Kansas.

Dear Primitive :

I will offer an amendment to the plan for holding Annual Meeting as given in No. 44. In place of sending two delegates to A. M., send them to the next District Meeting (as it would be too expensive to our small congregations in the far West to send two delegates to A. M. in the far East).  Each congregation have the privilege of selecting brethren full of faith and the Holy Ghost, whether minister or lay member, and the delegates to A. M. shall do the voting there.  Then send two delegates from there to A. M. with proper credentials to do the voting, each delegate to represent the vote of his District Meeting.

Our church is in peace and union as far as I know.  Several families from Norton Co., are here to stop with us this Winter.  They report hard times in Norton county.  The weather still keeps fair and the farmers are working in the ground.  We ask you to remember us in the far West.


H. E. Fadely.

From Mill Creek, Illinois.

Dear Primitive :

This church is in love and union as far as I know at this time.  Bro. Daniel Vaniman, of MaCoupin Co., was with us on the 10th of December and preached four discourses to large and attentive audiences, which I think will not be forgotten soon.  On the 10th held a church council and considerable business transacted.  A good deal of the old leaven rooted out, and I hope we will try and do better in the future.

On the 6th I received a letter from my old cousin Eld. Geo. Wolfe of California, stating that his health was still slowly improving, and that if he was spared till next Spring he expected to visit among the churches East again.  Since I received his last letter I also received a telegram that his son, Peter Wolfe, died on the 8th in Carthage, Hancock Co., Ill.  Whether this sad bereavement will deter him from his contemplated visit time will tell.

There has been considerable published and labor also performed to bring about a consolidation of our church papers, and from all appearance but little has been effected yet.  I would prefer no consolidation, but let each one go on his own responsibility.  Newspaper publishing should be a private enterprise, and in any locality where brethren are qualified and can make a paper sustain itself let them do so, but by all means let them be accountable to A. M for what they may publish.  I think the Brethren's papers a great auxiliary to the cause.


Dec 20, '81.

John Wolfe.

From Monitor, Indiana.

Dear Brethren :

Left home on the 2nd of December for Potato Creek church.  Had a meeting the same night and continued over Sunday—all well attended with a good interest.  Had church meeting on the 3rd.  The membership is small but were nearly all present.  This church had for several years been under the care of Bro. R. H. Miller and I.  After brother Miller moved to Ashland it became altogether under my care, and living a distance of twenty miles off, I thought it best to have one ordained.  The church and the adjoining Elder being consulted, and all united, we then let the church say whether they wanted one or two, and they decided to have two.  Our esteemed brethren Martin and Abner Bowers, were both installed in the full ministry.  Hope the Lord may bless them with wisdom to execute the office as becometh the servants of God.

We left there the morning of the 5th, in company with Eld. Wm. Harshbarger and others for Ladoga.  Had meeting same night. Next day church meeting.  A very good turn out of members, and as the ministry badly needed help in their large territory, the church thought it good to call some to the work, and as brother Harshbarger was the only minister in the large field, the church held a choice for two, to assist him.  The voice of the church was taken and three ran so close together that we left it for the church to say if all three should be installed and it was unanimous that they should and the lot fell on Wm. Lawter, Thomas Everson and Thomas Watkins.  We do hope the Lord will bless them.  Continued meeting over Sunday.  Closed with two applicants and a growing interest. May God bless the dear members there.


Isaac Billhimer.


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