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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #101

Notes from our Correspondents.

—Eld. Daniel Bechtelheimer, of Juniata, Nebr., sends the joyful news that four,—two by baptism and two by letter, were added to the little flock at the above place during their last love-feast, and that lately one more has chosen that good part which "shall not be taken away if he remain faithful."

—Bro. C. D. Hylton writes: "Any one desiring to send a donation to the Mt. Jackson church should send it to Lewis Scaggs, Riner, Va., instead of River, Va., as I was made to say in 'A Voice from the Mountains.' We expect Bro. D. C. Moomaw to conduct a series of meetings for us in January."

—Our aged brother, Hiel Hamilton, writes from Flora, Ind., under date of Dec. 20, as fol­lows: "Bro. R. H. Miller commenced a series of meetings here last Tuesday night. His discourses, so far, have been very interesting. He is to con­tinue with us over next Sunday. May he be instrumental in the hands of the Lord to do us much good."

—"The members of the Logan church, Logan Co., Ohio," writes sister Sarah A. Miller, "have just closed their protracted meeting with good re­sults. Two more made the good confession, mak­ing twelve in all. Our meeting continued from Dec. 9 to 23. We cannot express the joy this meeting afforded. The ranks of Satan were shak­en and many dear souls rescued."

—Under date of Dec. 21, sister Hannah Wenrich writes: "The brethren of Ephrata have just closed a series of meetings, conducted by Bro. Samuel Utz. The meetings were a feast to the soul and his preaching was received with marked attention and appreciation. The attendance was good; and though there were no immediate acces­sions to the church, yet we believe that in God's own time we shall see the good results."

—Bro. A. J. Nickey, of the Oakley church, Ill., writes: "Bro. David Neff, of Indiana, came here Dec. 4, and labored acceptably with us nearly two weeks. Our fraternal ties were strengthened and spiritual life invigorated. Four precious souls were added to the church by baptism. We also had council-meeting, at which our beloved broth­er, John C. Sensenbaugh, was elected to the office of deacon. We hope the Father's blessings will abide by the labors put forth in his cause!"

—Bro. Levi Baker, of the Saginaw church, Mich., writes: "According to previous arrange­ments, Bro. I. J. Rosenberger was expected to be with us on Dec. 7, to commence a series of meetings. Failing to get here at the appointed time, Bro. Shirk, from North Star, came, filled the ap­pointment and remained with us until Dec. 11, when Bro. Rosenberger came and continued the meetings until the 19th. As a result of our meet­ings three were added to the church. We were: all much encouraged!"

—Bro. Henry F. Cary, of Pleasant Valley, Washington Co., Tenn., writes: "The church met in council, Dec. 15th, and all seemed to be in love and union. An election was held for two deacons, the lot falling on brethren John Saylor and Samuel Garber, who were duly installed into of­fice. The ministering brethren from other con­gregations were elders F. W. Dove, from Pleasant View; Henry Garst, from Pleasant Hill; and Bro. D. F. Bowman, from Knob Creek. Bro. Garst preached for us on Saturday night and also on Sunday. Bro. Garst is growing old in years but strong in the weal of the Master. May these two brethren serve faithfully and may they magnify their voice!"

—"I am still in the field," writes Bro. John L. Snowberger, [sic] of Holyoke, Colo. "Last Sunday I baptized two that formerly were members of oth­er denominations. Quite an interest seems to be manifested in that neighborhood. Others said they would soon come. It was quite a curiosity to many to see trine immersion administered, but I think many will search the Scriptures now."

—The brethren of the Marsh Creek church, Pa., as Bro. W. B. Jacobs informs us, commenced a meeting in the western part of their congregation, at the West Point School-house, Dec. 2, continu­ing every evening until the 14th. Bro. Kolb, of Maryland, assisted in the meetings. Though there were no immediate accessions, the many good impressions made, lead them to hope for good results in the future.

—Bro. H. J. Brubaker, of Maxwell, Story Co., Iowa, who has been a reader of our church papers for over thirty years, writes that lately he has had the misfortune of losing nearly all of his proper­ty by fire, and, with old age and the ills incident thereto, coming on, he feels very much discour­aged, but still puts his trust in the Lord for de­liverance. Surely, the Father above will not leave him comfortless!

—Bro. J. A. Richardson, writing from Charles Creek church, Tenn., says: "The church at this place is in peace and union. Bro. Leedy and I drove nine miles on the afternoon of Dec. 7th, and held meetings on Saturday night, Sunday, and Sunday night. One young brother made the good resolve to walk with the children of God, making two during the last month. We trust many oth­ers were strongly impressed. We regret to state that Bro. Leedy contemplates leaving us. We need his help very much."

—Bro. H. K. Kitch, of the Sugar Creek church, Whitley Co., Ind., writes: "Eld. Jacob Snell, of Collamer, Ind., came to us December 7th, and re­mained until the 17th. While here, he was actively engaged in demonstrating the Truth. His efforts were much appreciated. Nine precious souls made the good profession and joined in with the people of God. We hope they will hold out faithful to the end! May many more see the necessity of accepting the Savior while it is called to-day. May the work continue! May Zion in-crease and the Lord be praised!"

—The particulars of a sad accident are sent us by Bro. O. D. Lyon, of Sidney, Nebr.: "Dec. 12 our esteemed brother, Noah M. Kline met with a terrible death, which caused intense sorrow in our community. He was engaged in digging a well near Sidney, and while being drawn out of it, his rope, which was defective, broke, letting him fall to the bottom, and causing instant death. The funeral services were held on the 14th. Bro. Kline was only twenty-eight years old, and in every respect a thorough Christian. We shall not soon forget his kind counsel, given from time to time, in our Sunday evening prayer-meetings. May our Heavenly Father heal the wounds made by the sad occurrence, and sanctify it to our every good!"

—Under date of Dec. 19, Bro. J. D. Haughtelin writes: "Bro. Frank McCune, of Dallas Center, just closed a short series of meetings near Pano­ra, Iowa, that was well attended. His theme last night was `Work.' I think he awakened his hearers to the fact there is `work' for every one to do. In education, the more we learn, the more we find there is yet to learn. So in spiritual work,—the more we do, the more we find there is still to do. Bro. J. L. Myers, of Yale, missed these meetings by being out in the way places, preaching the Word. We are laying out the winter campaign and `give to every man his work.' We are looking over the river for the reward. Pray that we may be faithful!"

—Bro. Eli Rule, of the Washington church, Kans., informs us that he lately held some meet­ings at a new place, twenty miles distant, where he preached seven sermons with excellent interest. Though there was some opposition to the doctrine and teachings, as taught by the Brethren, yet the continued, large attendance seemed to demonstrate that the people were anxious to hear the Word in its purity.

—Interesting meetings are reported by Bro. C. H. Walker, of the Brothers' Valley church, Pa. He writes: "By previous arrangement Bro. Silas Hoover came to us Dec. 4, and remained until the 13th. He handled the Word in an impressive manner. He forced the Truth home to both saint and sinner. The attendance was good, and the attention remarkable. Tears were made to flow and four precious souls saw the error of their way and were buried with Christ in baptism. Bro. Hoover's discourse on the subject of the Covering was pointed and instructive. It was replete with Scripture Arguments, and calculated to convince the most skeptical.

—Sister Rachel Starry, of Robins, Linn Co., Iowa, writes the following for the satisfaction of inquiring friends: I am suffering at this time with cancer. Though I have employed medical aid to some extent, I feel assured that human skill will do me no good. The only relief I ob­tained so far was, by calling for the elders and being anointed. It was a comfort to my soul, and brought that sweet peace which alone can be obtained by obeying the Gospel. Dear brethren and sisters, do not get discouraged though you may meet with many reverses! The prize is sure. Although dark clouds appear, forget not that the sun is behind them. I am now making arrange­ments to go home. I do not mean by this that I am just starting on that journey. No, I have traveled many years in the way my Master led me. I am happy to know that my dear brethren and sisters always think of me when it is well with them. The fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much, and I hope that ardent prayers will be offered in my behalf, that I may have grace to bear all my pains patiently. I have often made crooked paths, nevertheless the Lord was merci­ful to me, and when he sees best to remove me, I want to go."


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