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The Primitive Christian — Offering #103


Notes of Travel.

Dear Brethren :

I arrived at Alexandria, Mo., Sept. 30, and was met at the station by brother David Sheets.  After visiting his very kind family and other friends, I commenced a series of meetings in the Methodist church October 1st, and continued until the 10th.—The congregations were not large as the almost unceasing rains prevented many from attending, yet much interest and good order prevailed, and we trust much good was done.  We were loth to discontinue the meetings, but the rain and mud and rapidly rising Mississippi overflowed the village of Alexandria.  We in council decided to stop the meetings and attend the Lovefeast at Loraine, Adams Co., Ill., as Eld. Strickler had written to us requesting us to go there.  I arrived there the 14th, hoping to meet brother Sheets, sister Rose, and others who would come by their own conveyance.  But they failed to reach Loraine.  The heavy rains and muddy roads no doubt prevented them, as they had much desire to attend that feast.

While at Alexandria, I was very kindly cared for and welcomed by the ministry and members of the churches.  This will long be remembered by us.  The Lovefeast at Loraine was one of the most interesting, orderly and pleasant of spiritual feasts.  Bro J. R. Gish and wife were there.  On Monday I was taken to Liberty by brother John Wolf.  Met brother Rily Lierly, the minister in that congregation.  He took me to his home where I enjoyed the pleasure of a talk with brother and sister Lierly on the future prospects of the advancement and prospects of the Church, in which they seamed much interested.  I preached three sermons in the Liberty church, but the roads were so very bad that people could hardly attend.  After visiting several of the members, brother John Wolf took me to Campoint Station, where I took the train.  Arrived at Mulberry Grove, Bond Co , Ill., and held some meetings, then in the Lilly neighborhood, and then in the Hurricane Creek church.  Bro. Henry Jones is the Elder.  Had some meetings and then went to Fayette Co., and held some meetings.  In all my travels I preached thirty-three sermons, and we hope some good will result therefrom.  We then went to Cerro Gordo, held a few meetings, visited some among the members, and returned home Nov. 17th.  Found all well.

D. B. Sturgis.

South Bend, Ind.

A Brief Sketch of the Organization of the German
Baptist Church in Seneca County, Ohio.

In March, 1838, brother Israel Hanes, a minister in the second degree, moved to Seneca county, and in that year the church was organized.  There were a few members in the southern part of the county.  Brother Hanes labored successfully from that time on until the fall of 1847, when he died.  At that time the writer of this article moved into this district and found brethren Hartsock and Aldaffer in the ministry with thirty members.  There was a gradual increase in the church.  In 1851 we built a meeting-house in the southern part of the county, one and a half miles north of Bloomville.  In 1852 brother Hartsock moved to Wyandot county and brother Hoop was elected to the ministry.

Brother Aldaffer died in the Summer of 1853.  In the Fall of 1853 I was elected to the ministry and labored with brother Hoop, having brother John Brillhart for our elder, whom we retained until this Fall, when he resigned.  In 1861 brother Israel Hoop was elected to the ministry, and that same Fall brother John Shontz moved into the district, a minister in the first degree.  We all labored together and the church prospered with many additions.  Many moved to other parts of the west.  In December 1867 the church was divided into two districts.  The northern part of the county was called the Green Spring district, and since that time these two arms have labored for the Master's cause.  In the Spring of 1868 brother S. A. Walker was elected to the ministry in the Seneca district, and has labored faithfully for the upbuilding of the church.  As brother Brillhart was going to leave us and the church thought that it was best to have an elder in our own arm, and as some of us ministers are quite old and feeble, we thought it best to give it to the church and let them make a choice.  The choice was brother S. A. Walker to the eldership.  We number about eighty-five members now.  May the Lord bless this little arm of his church and keep us in union and peace, is the prayer of your unworthy brother.                                          Geo. W. Elliott.

From Nodaway County, Mo.

Dear Primitive :

Brother Bryan and I expect to visit the brethren in Nodaway county the Saturday before the third Sunday in February.  We desire that brother William B. Sell come and preach for us once a month, or any brother that can spare that much time from their regular appointments.  We believe if the brethren would come and preach for us and establish our faith in this community, it would not be long until we would be able to organize a church.  If any of the brethren who are traveling can make it convenient to call on us we will be glad to see them, and will do all we can for their comfort while they sojourn with us.  I will give my address so if any of the brethren come near us they will know where to stop : Redding, Ringgold county, Iowa.

Brother Bryan and wife and I wish to unite with that church near Gaynor City, Nodaway county, Mo.  That is our nearest point.  I have no letter at present from the church to which I belonged, but expect to make application for one soon.                                                                                                J. E. Sale.

From Maple River Junction, Iowa.

Dear Primitive :

We have had the pleasure of a visit from brother Isaac Barto of Lost Nation, Iowa.  He preached three times for us.  He is seeking a home and we would very much desire to have him settle in our midst.  In fact we would be pleased to have any of the brethren locate in Carroll county.  Should any of the brethren pass over the North Western Railroad, we would be pleased to have them stop at Maple River Junction.  We live about one and a half miles south-west of the station.  Brethren come to see us and stay longer than a day or two.                                                                                                 Daniel W. Shirk.

From John S. Snowberger.

Dear Brethren :

I just arrived home yesterday evening from a three weeks' mission through York, Polk, Butler and Seward counties, this State.  Had very interesting meetings and excellent attention given to the preaching of the word.  Found the scattered members all in love and strong in the faith, and peace abounding everywhere.  Think the prospects are good for an ingathering of souls before long.  Many said they would, as the Bareans, search whether these things were so.  The great trouble is, the laborers are few.  If the mission board gets the work moving we expect to call or present our wants to them.

May God's blessing attend you through the coming year in your great and good work, of giving your readers good and wholesome food in the dear Primitive.  Keep out of it all that is bitter and sour and that is not promotive of love and the health of the body.  Do not, dear brethren, allow so much of the things that cause division find a place in your columns.  Too much of that kind of matter has been in some of our papers, but I thank God that you were, by the grace of God, able to keep the P. C. free from it.  So may it ever be.

York, Neb., Jan. 6th.

From Blackamore, Iowa.

Dear Primitive :

We are not permanently located so we cannot take your paper, neither have we church privileges as there are no brethren here, but the Lord has promised to be with us, and we need not fear for he will sustain us.  I am happy in the thought that this life is such a small part compared with the bright hereafter, where all is peace and harmony.  Who would not be willing to contend for such a happy home, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation ?  There is nothing so true or unchangeable as heaven.  We should be firm in the exercise of duty, and use every opportunity to forward us toward its possession, casting all conflicting desires behind us and look unto Jesus.  "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ ; shall tribulation, or anguish, or persecution, or famine, or peril, or sword ?"  No, no, he is tried and true, the purest and best.

Your sister in Christ,

Martha J. Ashmead.

District Meeting.

The District Meeting of the Middle District of Indiana will be held in the North Manchester church, Wabash county, Ind., on the 8th day of February, 1882, two miles west of North Manchester, commencing at 9 o'clock, a. m.  A full representation of delegates and others solicited.  Those coming by railroad to North Manchester or ljamsville on the 7th, or sooner, will be met with conveyance by giving due notice.  By order of the church.                                                                D. S. T. Butterbaugh.

From Brownsville, Md.

Dear Primitive :

Our protracted meeting commenced on the first day of the new year.  Brethren Ephraim Stoner and Wm. Franklin of Carroll Co. were called to do the preaching.  Bro. D. Price, of Illinois, dropped in unexpectedly and gave us several good sermons.  Our meetings were well attended, and to the credit of our friends we must say their attention and behavior was all we could ask ; and we hope that the good seed sown by our faithful brethren may have fallen into some good and honest hearts and bring forth fruit to the glory of God.  One dear soul came out on the Lord's side and was baptized yesterday.              A. C. Casthe.

Jan 9.


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