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The Gospel Messenger — Offering #110

Report of Travels.

Left home Nov. 6, arrived at Ottawa, Franklin Co., Kan., the 7th.  Was met by Bro. W. H. Wise, and taken out to the Eight Mile church, where there was a committee called to do church work. After a four days' council, the business assigned the committee was disposed of with apparent satisfaction to all concerned.

On the 13th, I boarded the train for Covington, O., where I arrived on the evening of the 14th.  Commenced meeting in the Covington church on the morning of the 23rd.  Had very interesting meetings.  The Sunday-school, at this place, is in good working condition.  What gives it interest, is, the old members attend with interest.

On the morning of the 24th, I went to the Lower Stillwater church.  This church is under the eldership of Bro. John Smith and Bro. George Garber, assisted by a corps of ministers and deacons, that do honor to the Lord's cause.  Continued in this church until the 27th.  Attended the Thanksgiving meeting in the forenoon of the 27th.  Had a good attendance and good meeting.  In the evening I was taken to the Wolf Creek congregation, under the care of our esteemed brother, Jacob Garber.  His co-laborers are active, young brethren, both in the ministry and deacon's office.  Closed meeting in this church on Sunday morning, the 30th.  Had a very tender parting with the dear members here.

On the evening of the 30th, was taken to the Bear Creek church, under the care of elder Isaac Bright and John Bowman.  At this place we had large congregations of attentive and interested hearers.  Although the Progressives built a meeting. house near by the Old Bear Creek meeting house, (as I was told) to break down the Brethren's influence, the increase in the church here has far surpassed the number that went off with both factions.  Closed my labors here on the evening of Dec. 2.  I felt, at the time of leaving, as many said, "You leave too soon."  On the morning of the 3d attended council meeting in Lower Stillwater.  Had a pleasant council. This is a pleasant church to labor with.  Love governs.

In the evening of the 3rd commenced operations at the Lower Miami.  Eld. George Holler has charge here.  His helps are young and vigorous.  Had good meetings. Met J. A. Ridenour at last appointment.  Poor James!  I know he would like to be back in the good old ship. On the 6th I was taken to Charleston, in the Grove church.  Remained until Sunday night.  Had a very tender parting with loved ones here.  Eld. Joseph Kauffman has the oversight.  On Monday morning was taken to the Grove meetinghouse.  Here is where the Old Orderites built alongside of the Brethren's meetinghouse, and captured the spring.  This gave trouble, and was used as a means of unjust censure of the brethren in the Vindicator and Evangelist.  Same day was taken to Donald's Creek church [sic Donnel Creek], Eld. J. Kauffman's resident church.  He was absent.  Visited old brother and Eld. John Frantz.  His mind is very feeble, but general health is good.

On the 11th spoke twice in the Middle District.  Bro. Samuel Koppock [sic Coppock] is elder.—Here Bro. I. J. Rosenberger was conducting a series of meetings.  On the 12th, was taken to Salem church, near Philipsburgh.  Eld. John Solenberger [sic Sollenberger] has charge.  At this place we had tender partings.  One old deacon brother remarked, "I am not in favor of long meetings, but you are leaving us too soon."  On Sunday afternoon, was taken to Price's Creek.  Bro. R. Stephens has charge.  Here I met a very old deacon brother, by the name of Bucher.  Had very pleasant meetings here.  On tbe 16tb, was taken to Palestine.  Bro. T. Wenrick had charge, but his lamented death leaves them without an elder for the time being.  Had good meetings, but, owing to the prevalence of measles among the people, the attendance was rather small.

On the 18th, was taken to the Pittsburgh District, otherwise known as Ludlow and Painter Creek.  Here is where the Resolutionists (or Old Orders) separated themselves first from the general Brotherhood and its Annual Meeting.  Yet this church has stood the shock admirably, and has gained, in number, since the division, three, to one that went off.  Brethren T. Krider and Jesse Stutzman are elders, and with the corps of ministers and deacons, they have to assist them, and public confidence in their favor, they can still carry forth the conquest to victory.

On the 20th, was taken to Oakland.  Bro. J. Katherman is elder.  Had pleasant meetings.  House was crowded on Sunday evening.  Bro. Jerry knows how to rule well.  He is very kind and pleasant, and all love him.  On the 22d, was taken to Harris Creek. — Here I met my old friends, brother and sister Adam Helman, in whose house I preached over thirty years ago, in Indiana Co., Pa.  To meet such loved ones, after a separation of a number of years, was indeed pleasant.  Bro. Adam still has the zeal for preaching, of former years, but his memory is failing.

From here I was taken to Pleasant Hill, Newton church.  Bro. Isaac Price is the elder here.  After holding seven meetings here, my labors closed in the famed "Miami Valley."  On Sunday, after the morning meeting, a number of members met at the home of old brother and sister John Miller.  After dinner, had social services with the old members.  Tears flowed freely during the services, and when the parting farewell came, we were sorry to be compelled to take the parting hand.  Many we only learned to know in order to love.  Among those present, was our highly esteemed brother, Eld. Samuel Mohler.  Thus ended my arduous labors of forty-three days in the valley, during which time I delivered seventy-eight sermons, attended two funerals, and one council-meeting.  Adding to this, my labors in Kansas, during the same journey, it amounts to eighty sermons, five days in council and two funerals, in the term of fifty-three days.

I arrived at home on Dec. 31, having been absent fifty-six days, all told.  Found all well. "Thank God, oh my soul, and forget not all his benefits"  I found the members much united and working for a greater degree of love and holiness in themselves and others.  Notwithstanding the rumor that have been falsely circulated, that the Conservative church is all torn and scattered, I found it directly the opposite.  A more zealous and warm-headed company of members, covering the same territory, I never visited.  If they continue the work as they are now carrying it forward, Satan's ranks will be thinned, and the children of the Kingdom multiplied.  A number united with the church while I was in the Valley.  I have added many new names to the list of those whose names I love to remember.  Many thanks to dear ones for the substantial aid rendered.  Wife says, "Many thanks, dear sisters."

John Wise.

Conway Springs, Kan.


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