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Welcome to my "little toy" of a web site and my first foray into Content Management System (CMS) software to be released to the general public.  For the short term this site will be devoted solely to newspaper articles of interest to German Baptist Brethren researchers.  Eventually it may become a module of a much larger web site.  One item perhaps slated to make the transition will be my Brethren Almanac site.

For the first time visitor to this site I have bad news and I have good news.  The good news first. You will be able to read each and every article posted on this site.  And now the bad news.  You will not be able to access the "Source" file link at the bottom of each blog posting.  These will be reserved for supporters of this site and / or other sites provided by your host.  Any comments can be addressed by clicking on "Contact Administrator" to the left.